Triumphant Frenzy Genshin 4.4 Guide: Best Teams & Rich Rewards for Each Stage

Triumphant Frenzy is an ongoing event from February 15 to February 26 in Genshin Impact 4.4 where Travelers must choose a party of four from a fixed batch of characters and compete in a four-round battle. This restriction adds challenge but completing the stages will yield rewards as shown in the pictures below. Know all stages and best teams and rewards at the moment in this article!



Stage 1: Rhythmic Quickstep


Round I: Kazuha + Yae Miko + Neuvillette + Bennett

Round II: Kazuha + Bennett + Lyney + Dehya

Round III: Dehya + Wriothesley + Yae Miko + Yelan

Round IV: Yelan + Navia + Furina + Neuvillette


When a character's HP changes, the active character's CRIT Rate increases or decreases by 3%/10% for 8s, with a 0.5s cooldown and a maximum of 6 stacks. Each stack's duration is counted separately, and the effect ends when the character leaves the field. In the first stage, it's advisable to plan the selected characters' actions to clear each round as swiftly as possible.



Stage 2:  A Blade From Above


Round I: Xianyun + Diluc + Xingqiu + Bennett

Round II: Xianyun + Diona + Xingqiu + Ayaka

Round III: Kazuha + Diona + Gaming + Bennett

Round IV: Kazuha + Gaming + Faruzan + Xiao


In the second stage, when the current active character performs a Plunging Attack, it generates a shockwave at the opponent's position, dealing True DMG. This can occur once every 5 seconds. To overcome this challenge, it's recommended to include a team member in each round capable of performing Plunging Attacks in order to clear the stage quickly.



Stage 3: Blazing Like a Flaming Flower


Round I: Furina + Yelan + Xingqiu + Bennett

Round II: Xingqiu + Bennett + Ayato + Xiangling

Round III: Furina + Yelan + Yoimiya + Ayato

Round IV: Ganyu + Layla + Xiangling + Dehya


In the third stage, characters dealing with Pyro effects intensify their impact. After triggering a Vaporize or Melt reaction, their damage output through these reactions is amplified by 35%/100% for 6 seconds. It's essential to prioritize and adjust elemental reactions to overcome this challenge and swiftly defeat your adversaries.



Stage 4: Law of Concentrated White Light


Round I: Yae Miko + Raiden Shogun + Kuki Shinobu + Xingqiu

Round II: Kuki Shinobu + Xingqiu + Nahida + Bennett

Round III: Nahida + Bennett + Keqing + Fischl

Round IV: Fischl + Kazuha + Yae Miko + Ayato


In the fourth stage, when a character inflicts Elemental DMG on an opponent, all party members' Elemental Mastery is boosted by 100/300 for 6 seconds. To maximize this effect, prioritize creating Electro-Charged, Hyperbloom, Aggravate, and Vaporize reactions in that order.



Stage 5: The Shimmering Tree-Shadows


Round I: Nahida + Furina + Kuki Shinobu + Collei

Round II: Cyno + Yelan + Nahida + Collei

Round III: Kuki Shinobu + Baizhu + Yelan + Alhaitham

Round IV: Kuki Shinobu + Keqing + Collei + Furina


When a character strikes a Dendro-related reaction, all party member's Elemental Mastery will be increased by 100/300 for 6 seconds.



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