Everything About Arlecchino Genshin: Arlecchino Genshin Leaks Including Elemental Skills & Talents

Arlecchino will play a crucial role in the upcoming nation of Fontaine. Serving as the anticipated fool among the executive officials, Arlecchino follows in the footsteps of the Wandering Swordsman and the Fatui's Harbinger, Dottore. Now, let's delve into the detailed information about Arlecchino!



In the official storyline of Genshin Impact, Arlecchino is the caretaker of an orphanage called "Furnace Home" in the nation of Snezhnaya. This orphanage is responsible for taking in orphans from all seven nations of Teyvat and has trained many prominent individuals for the Fatui organization. As a result, many players believe that all Fatui Harbingers will possess extremely high damage output and be crucial characters to obtain, greatly enhancing players' gaming experience.



Elemental Skill - Fateful Circumstance


Arlecchino swings the Crimson Rending Blade forward, dealing AoE Pyro damage and applying one layer of Bloodline Seal to enemies affected by this attack. Additionally, if Arlecchino's HP is above 60% when casting, he will consume 20% of his HP. When the Bloodline Seal reaches five layers, it clears all stacks and detonates the affected enemy, restoring 20% of Arlecchino's HP.


When holding the Elemental Skill (E), Arlecchino performs a slashing attack similar to the tap version, granting him the Sanguine State. In this state, normal attacks, charged attacks, and plunging attacks receive a 30% damage boost and transform into Pyro damage that cannot be overridden by other enchantments. When normal attacks, charged attacks, or plunging attacks deal Pyro damage, they apply one layer of Bloodline Seal to enemies. The Sanguine State is removed when Arlecchino leaves the field. This Sanguine State lasts for 8 seconds, with a long press of Elemental Skill having a cooldown of 16 seconds.


Elemental Burst - Bloodshadow Mirage


Arlecchino executes different maneuvers based on whether he is in the Sanguine State or not.


Diluc's Dispute

When not in the Sanguine State, unleashing his Elemental Burst sends forth the Darkwing Spear, dealing Pyro AoE damage and applying 2 layers of Bloodline Seal to affected enemies.


Screen of Bloodstained Attire

If released during the Sanguine State, the Sanguine State transforms into the Hubris of Calamity, inheriting the remaining duration and extending it by four seconds. In this state, Arlecchino gains increased interrupt resistance and immunity to damage from Overloaded reactions, as well as a 100% reduction in damage from Vaporize and Melt reactions. Normal attacks and charged attacks transform into the Blackwing Impact and Crimson Waltz, respectively, with enhanced damage and increased area of effect.



Innate Talents of Arlecchino Genshin


1. No Gathering Without Authority

With each charged attack and the slashing attack from Fateful Circumstance, one layer of Bloodline Seal is added.


2. Covenant of Reminiscence

In the Sanguine State or Hubris of Calamity state, each detonation of the Bloodline Seal grants Arlecchino a 15% Pyro damage bonus for 10 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.


3. Mockery of the Deceiver

In the team, one's character's Elemental Burst level is increased by 1.





Arlecchino is a character with Elemental Skill activation and Elemental Burst secondary activation, characterized by high HP consumption and the inability to trigger Vaporize and Melt reactions, focusing on Pyro elemental damage output. This Foolish Executive, as one of the prominent antagonist forces in "Genshin Impact," plays a significant role. Through the concise and straightforward skill introduction above, we can clearly understand that Arlecchino follows the Overloaded path, instead of any other paths.


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