TOTY Honourable Mentions FC 24: Eleven Stars Light Up the Pitch & Fastest Way to Get Them

The TOTY Honourable Mentions spotlight soccer stars of 2023 who, while not in the official TOTY lineup, consistently impressed or delivered standout performances. These digital tributes highlight athletes who were the cream of the crop last season. Dive into their captivating stories and discover these extraordinary players who shone brightly in 2023 – the true gems among the Honourable Mentions. Read on!



Which Players are Selected as TOTY Honorable Mentions?



1. Vini Jr (92): Features 2 PlayStyles+ (Trickster+ and Quick Step+), impressive stats (98 pace, 93 dribbling, 86 shooting), 5* skills, and a 4* weak foot, making him one of the game's top wingers.


2. Mohamed Salah (92): Upgraded to 4* 4*, with 2 PlayStyles+ (Flair+ and Finesse Shot+), and standout stats in pace, shooting, and dribbling.


3. Federico Valverde (90): A strong midfielder card with no face stat below 83, featuring 2 PlayStyles+ (Rapid+ and Relentless+). Identical to his radioactive version but without the 2 PlayStyles+.


4. Kadidiatou Diani (92): Equipped with 2 PlayStyles+ (Trivela+ and Whipped Pass+), 4* 4*, and excellent all-around stats, she is a top-tier winger.


5. Kim Min Jae (89): A phenomenal centre-back with Aerial+ PlayStyle, notable pace, and solid defending and physical attributes.


6. Jamal Musiala (91): Versatile player for CAM, CM, and LM roles, with 5* skills, 90 pace, and 95 dribbling.


7. Trent Alexander-Arnold (88): Gains TOTY HM status with alternate positions of CDM and CM, plus the Whipped Pass+ PlayStyle, making him a versatile and appealing option.


8. Bernardo Silva (91): Another identical card with thunderstruck, except for 2 PlayStyles+ (Incisive Pass+ and Technical+) and new alternative positions (LB, RM, RW). Exceptional dribbling stats.


9. Harry Kane (93): Possesses 2 PlayStyles+ (First Touch+ and Power Shot+) along with improved skills and weak foot ratings, yet has slower pace at 80.


10. Olga Carmona (88): Has good stats like 92 pace and 88 dribbling, plus Relentless+ PlayStyle, but may need a chemistry style boost for defensive and physical stats.


11. Ederson (90): A decent goalkeeper, though likely to be the most packed blue due to goalkeepers being the least desirable players in promos.



How to Get Your Own TOTY Honorable Mentions FC 24?


In EA Sports FC 24, acquiring a TOTY Honourable Mentions card involves opening packs during the promo period. These cards are randomly inserted into FUT packs after the official TOTY announcement as recognition for players who narrowly missed the selection.


To boost your chances, purchase packs during boosted promos or special edition TOTY packs. Engage in the transfer market and complete related SBCs/Objectives to potentially acquire these cards.


Undoubtedly, obtaining your favorite TOTY Players requires a significant amount of FC 24 Coins


What is the End Date of TOTY Honorable Mentions in Packs?


The FC 24 Team of the Year Honorable Mentions will be available in packs until February 2nd, 2024, at 10:00 AM Pacific Time / 1:00 PM Eastern Time / 6:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time.


As of now, these items have a remaining duration in packs of 5 days, 13 hours, 13 minutes, and 39 seconds. Following this countdown, they will cease to appear in packs.


Free FIFA Coins can be Time-Consuming


However, acquiring FC 24 Coins through these complimentary methods can often be exceedingly time-consuming and draining, particularly when attempting to obtain player cards for elite players such as Kylian Mbappé, which can demand a hefty cost of 2,583,000 FIFA Coins.


This is precisely why game trading platforms have gained increasing popularity. Competitive pricing, discounts, promotions, diverse payment options, as well as convenience and accessibility, stand as the advantages of procuring game coins from these platforms.


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