Genshin Impact Nahida Build: Comprehensive Guide Including Skills, Weapons, Artifacts & Teams

Embark on an elemental journey through Teyvat as we delve into the captivating world of Genshin Impact's latest rerun, Nahida. From unleashing powerful Anemo abilities to crafting the perfect team synergy, join us as we explore the exhilarating details of Nahida's skills, weapons, artifacts, and the optimal team compositions in the thrilling Genshin 4.4 update.



Nahida Genshin Skills: Corresponding Effects with Three Elements


Nahida is one of the Seven in Teyvat, a 5-star Anemo Catalyst user. Upon leveling up, she gains Elemental Mastery. Her role is positioned as a Sub-DPS with a focus on Anemo damage or as a support with emphasis on mastery. Her Elemental Mastery is a crucial stat that impacts three aspects: Elemental Skill damage, passive talent increasing skill damage and crit rate, and damage from triggering elemental reactions.


1. Normal Attack: Akara

Unleashes up to four consecutive attacks on the front, dealing Anemo damage. Holding the attack consumes a certain amount of stamina to perform a short chant, releasing a wide-range Anemo attack on the front area. During the descent, harnesses the power of Anemo to strike enemies along the falling path and deals area damage upon landing.



2. Elemental Skill: All Schemes to Know

After using the skill, applies the Seal of the Verdant Mark around Nahida, dealing Anemo damage in the area and applying the Signature Seal to a maximum of 8 hit enemies.



3. Elemental Burst: Illusory Heart

Manifests the Shrine of Maya domain, and when the domain is active, if there are characters of the following elemental types in the team, corresponding effects will occur:


Pyro Element: While Nahida is within the Shrine of Maya, increases the damage dealt by Elemental Skill: All Schemes to Know's Tri-Karma Purification.

Electro Element: While Nahida is within the Shrine of Maya, reduces the cooldown of Elemental Skill: All Schemes to Know's Tri-Karma Purification.

Hydro Element: Extends the duration of Shrine of Maya.



Genshin Impact Nahida Weapon: A Thousand Floating Dreams



Nahida's best build as a Sub-DPS and Support role will have her use the Deepwood Memories with Elemental Mastery Stats. Your goal should be to get around 800 to 1000 Elemental Mastery on Nahida.


Generally, EM Mainstats are her best choice. But since Nahida's passive lets any character share their Elemental Mastery with the character on-field, you can also opt to use a Dendro Goblet or a Crit Circlet to increase her damage. It is better to invest in CRIT stats rather than going past 1000 EM since it provides more value.


Best Nahida Artifact: Deepwood Memories



For a Dendro team, Deepwood Memories is the best artifact for Nahida. The Gilded Dreams set helps Nahida reach an ideal Elemental Mastery (EM) of 1000, allowing for more substats to be placed into CRIT. However, Gilded Dreams is only better for Nahida than Deepwood Memories if another party member is already using the Deepwood Memories set.


Nahida Team Comps: Necessary Yelan & Shinobu


1. Cyno+ Nahida+ Yelan+ Shinobu



Nahida applies the Anemo element less frequently compared to Xingqiu's Hydro element, often resulting in enemies being consistently in an Electro-Charged state during battles. The strategy involves Nahida using Elemental Skill followed by Elemental Burst, Shinobu activating Elemental Skill, Yelan using Elemental Skill followed by Elemental Burst, and Cyno focusing on dealing damage.


2. Ayato+ Shinobu+ Kazuha+ Nahida



Nahida inflicts the Anemo element, while Ayato deals continuous damage and generates Anemo particles. Kazuha enhances Ayato's damage, and Shinobu triggers Swirl reactions. Procedure: Ayato uses Elemental Burst, Shinobu employs Elemental Skill followed by Elemental Burst, Kazuha activates Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill, Nahida uses Elemental Skill, and Ayato focuses on dealing damage.


Note: Nahida should avoid initiating with Elemental Skill to allow for triggering both Electro and Hydro reactions.


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