Weapon Guide of Honey Badger - Best Close Range Gun in PUBG Mobile

Honey Badger is a very underrated weapon in this game. But what if I tell you it's the most powerful weapon in the 7.62 assault rifles category? Apart from Groza. Wondering how? Well, let's dive into the weapon details, such as damage, recoil, rate of fire, and more.



Damage Information of Honey Badger


Despite its lower damage output compared to the AKM, Barrel, and A32, the Honey Badger compensates with a significantly faster rate of fire. In fact, it boasts the fastest firing speed in the 7.62 rifle family, second only to the Groza. Its firing rate surpasses the AKM's by 16% and the Barrel M762 and A32 by 10%. This faster shooting pace effectively balances out its overall damage output. When considering damage per second (DPS), this metric provides a clear indication of the weapon's power in terms of the damage it can inflict within a second.


Here's where the Honey Badger really stands out. It has a DPS of 497, surpassing both the Barrel and A32, which are at 486 DPS, and the AKM at 480 DPS. Remember, in terms of weaponry, a higher DPS often translates to a more dominant gun. So, despite initial impressions, the Honey Badger is actually a really strong weapon in the 7.62 rifle group. And also, the reloading speed for Honey Badger is significantly faster than its competitors.


The Recoil of Honey Badger


The Honey Badger excels in recoil control, standing out as one of the best in its class. While its vertical recoil is comparable to the AKM or higher, its horizontal recoil is minimal, even when compared to the M416. This advantage translates to more predictable and manageable upward movement, making it easier to control than weapons with more pronounced horizontal swaying. Once mastered, the Honey Badger allows for accurate and stable spraying due to its consistent recoil pattern.


The Hip Firing of Honey Badger


The Honey Badger's exceptional hip fire accuracy and consistency make it stand out, especially in close combat situations. In comparison to other assault rifles, its low horizontal spread, likely linked to its recoil pattern, enhances its reliability and increases the likelihood of shots connecting with the target, providing a laser-like performance in tight combat scenarios.


The Honey Badger, like other 7.62 assault rifles, faces limitations due to its bullet velocity, which sits at 700 meters per second. While slightly lower than the AKM, this velocity doesn't significantly impact its performance. However, its recoil makes long-range spraying challenging, as the slower bullet speed affects accuracy, unlike 5.56 assault rifles with approximately 900 meters per second velocity, which are better suited for long-range spraying. Consequently, the Honey Badger and other 7.62 rifles are effective only up to mid-range, as controlling recoil becomes difficult beyond that distance. This limitation makes it challenging to hit moving targets or vehicles at longer ranges, though not impossible.


The Attachments for the Honey Badger


So, there's only one type of recoil reduction attachment you can use, which are muzzle attachments. The compensator offers the most recoil reduction, but even without any attachment, Honey Badger performs surprisingly well. A red dot or a holographic sight is a must-have. Running with no scope kind of sucks, and you may need to carry an extended mag because this gun runs out of bullets real quick as it can shoot faster.



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