FIFA 24 Team of the Year (TOTY) Sawa Analysis and SBC Task Suggestions


Many players have been looking forward to the previously leaked SBC "Female Kante" Sawa since the first day of the TOTY event. On January 23, she finally went online! However, after seeing her stats and skills, some players may be slightly disappointed. So, is it worth completing the exclusive Sawa SBC task? Let's analyze it below.


I. TOTY Sawa Stats and Skills


Looking at the overall rating, TOTY Sawa has increased by 2 points compared to the basic version, with the most significant increase in physicality, which has increased by 4 points. The other areas have increased by 1-2 points. After the comprehensive upgrade, Sawa fits the "Midfield Pocket Rocket" type B2B midfielder position even more. The only shortcoming is that her shooting power is only 80, her offensive ability is slightly mediocre, and she focuses more on dribbling, passing, and defending. It is suggested that the player's chemistry should add shadow and anchor to improve speed while strengthening defense and physicality.


In terms of special skills, this has always been the most criticized aspect of Sawa. Although the TOTY upgrade has become a double gold special skill, neither the gold special skill nor the silver special skill has an absolute defensive skill, which makes many people question her midfield defensive ability. However, In the actual FC 24 match, Sawa's defensive role is very obvious, her defensive positioning rate is very high, and she is very active in running.


But if EA could be more generous and give 1-2 defensive silver special skills, her cost-effectiveness would greatly increase. It is estimated that they are afraid of making her too powerful, which would affect the sales of player cards for the other two TOTY female players in the midfield.


In addition, the TOTY version of Sawa, She has 4-star weak foot and 4-star skill moves, there is no improvement in skills and weak foot level, which is another point that players complain about. Compared with the same type of TOTY players Bonmati (4-star weak foot and 4-star skill) and TOTY Putellas (5-star weak foot and 5-star skill), there is still a certain gap. Of course, for SBC players, we can't expect EA to give the same skills as Putellas, but compared to the basic version without any improvement, it does seem a bit insincere.


II. Sawa SBC Solution Cost Analysis


Finally, there is the SBC cost. Currently, the PC version is around 1.2 million, and the XBOX/PS5 version is around 1.3 million. Compared to the previously predicted cost of 1.8 million to 2 million, it is relatively cheaper.


It is close to the selling price of her basic version before the SBC leak, and the cost-effectiveness is higher than the previous TOTY Best. Of course, this is based on the fact that she has not added special skills, has not increased skills and weak foot. For players who like this type of "Pocket Rocket" midfielder and have not drawn TOTY Bonmati and TOTY Putellas, you can try to complete the Sawa SBC task.


III. Squad Combination and SBC Task Suggestions

Since Sawa is only 165CM tall and has a small model, although her defensive ability is not weak, she still struggles against physically strong midfielders. She is more of a ball-controlling and offensive CM. It is recommended to pair her with some physically good defensive midfielders, such as Gullit, Yaya Toure, and the newly released TOTY Essien or TOTY Rodri.


If you already have Zico, Putellas or the basic version of Sawa in your squad, you might consider not doing the TOTY Sawa for now and invest the limited resources in other SBCs. If you are hesitating between the Flashback card Bruno Fernandes and Sawa, it is recommended to prioritize Sawa, after all, she is a legend card with double gold special skills, and it will be hard to replace her in a short time.

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