Topaz Honkai Star Rail Build: Best Eidolons, Relics, Ornaments, Light Cones & Teams

Embark on an electrifying journey through the celestial expanse with Topaz Honkai Star Rail! In this cosmic adventure, discover the best Eidolons, relics, ornaments, and light cones that will propel you to victory. Join us as we unveil the ultimate teams and strategies that will illuminate your path to triumph in this mesmerizing universe of wonders!



Topaz Star Rail Eidolons: Already Playable at E0



Her E0 form is already very playable, and each eidolon has a certain improvement. Among them, the improvement of E2 and E4 has reached 34%. The speed increase and energy recovery allow topaz to deal damage faster, and E6 is better for the overall Increased by 25%, increased fire attribute penetration.


Best Relics: The Ashblazing Grand Duke*4



Body: CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG

Feet: Speed


Best Ornaments: Inert Salsotto



Planar Sphere: Fire DMG

Link Rope: ATK%


Best & Alternative Light Cones


1. Best Light cone


Worrisome, Blissful Her exclusive Light cone can provide bonuses such as CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, and Following-up ATK damage. The triggering method is also very suitable for Topa's mechanism. It can be filled up easily in combat. Its performance in combat is far more stable than other light cones. It is very important for Topa, and it is highly recommended to draw it.



2. Alternative Light cone


Cruising in the Stellar Sea It provides a high CRIT rate, which can greatly reduce the pressure of cultivating relics. At the same time, you can also get ATK bonus for killing, which improves Topaz's ability to kill mobs. This light cone with superimposition 5 is second choice except Topaz's exclusive light cone, but the expectation is only a pitiful 84.1%



Sleep Like the Dead It has the same white value as the special weapon. The weapon effect is to provide high CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG. Although the effect of CRIT Rate is not available to Numby, it does not affect its ranking second only to the special weapon among the five-star weapons in superimposition1.



Swordplay  The light cone effect is very suitable for Topaz. Numby's following-up attack has multiple levels of damage. Both skills and Numby's following-up attack can instantly stack the passive damage-increasing effect. The high-level superimposition Swordplay is undoubtedly a four-star weapon. the optimal solution in .



Best Teams for Topaz Honkai Star Rail


1. Topaz Follow-Up Attack Team



Clara can trigger a Following up attack at a high frequency to speed up Numby. Tingyun can give Clara a charge bonus, play Ultimate Guaranteed damage more often, and the team system prefers single-core output when choosing Tingyun. Support for Asta would prefer dual-core output. Topaz marks enemy elite monsters and enhances Clara's output of elite monsters, which has good strategic value. Healer can switch between other characters, almost all of them.


2. Topaz Fire-Quantum Team



Esta uses Planetary Rendezvous to gain 30% damage on her team, as well as acceleration and ATK bonus, and is buffed by the entire team, setting the stage for the formation of a two-core Fire team. Himeko has a Following up attack mechanism, and the team's overall fire-breaking toughness is very efficient, which can frequently trigger the Ji Zi talent. Topaz + Himeko, can cope with both group and single environment. With Silver Wolf implanted weakness, damage further increased.


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