The Ultimate Genshin Navia Guide - Skills, Weapons, Artifacts, and Teams

Ready for a game-changing Geo element Claymore character? Meet Navia, the swift attacker and sub DPS who defies tradition. How does she do it? Her Elemental skill scales damage by absorbing crystals from crystal reactions. Curious about her unique kit and the secrets behind her innovative gameplay? Let's explore Navia's world together and discover the surprises she has in store. Get ready to be amazed!



Combat Mechanics


Navia's normal attacks include up to four consecutive strikes, with a charge attack consuming stamina for spin attacks and a standard plunging attack. Her Elemental skill focuses on crystal reactions, granting her an ammo stack (stackable up to six times, lasting 300 seconds) when she or a party member absorbs a crystal. Using the skill consumes all ammo stacks to fire Geo damage bullets at enemies, with the number of bullets (5-11) and damage increasing based on ammo consumed (0-3). In aiming mode, Navia absorbs nearby crystals. Her Elemental burst deals AOE Geo damage with a cannon bombardment and provides 12 seconds of cannon fire support, granting one ammo stack per hit (every 2.4 seconds) for a total of five stacks during the burst.


Navia's first passive Talent gives a four-second infusion after using her Elemental skill, similar to Bennet's constellation six, increasing charged and plunging attack damage by 40%. Her second Talent boosts her attack by 20% per Pyro, Electro, Cryo, or Hydro party member, stacking up to two times. Skill upgrade advice is to prioritize the Elemental skill while keeping the burst at level six, as the burst mainly provides ammo stacks, and the importance of normal attacks depends on Navia's role as an on-field DPS or sub-DPS.



Six Constellations and Their Effects


1. Constellation one: Consuming ammo with the Elemental skill restores energy and reduces burst cooldown, stacking up to three times for a total of nine energy restored and three seconds cooldown reduction.

2. Constellation two: Each consumed ammo stack increases Elemental skill crate by 12%, up to 36%. After hitting an opponent with the skill, a cannon fire support from the burst strikes nearby, occurring once per Elemental skill use.

3. Constellation three: Increases Elemental skill level by three.

4. Constellation four: Burst reduces enemy Geo resistance by 20% for eight seconds after hit.

5. Constellation five: Increases Elemental burst level by three.

6. Cconstellation six: Consuming more than three ammo stacks with the Elemental skill increases crit damage by 45% per additional stack, stackable up to three times. Ammo consumed beyond the first three is returned to Navia, making it a powerful constellation.


Optimal Weapons and Artifacts


Navia's optimal weapons include her exclusive weapon, Verdict, as the best choice. Wolf's Gravestone and The Unforged also suit her well. Beacon of the Reed Sea can work but is less ideal since it requires Navia to take damage. For 4-star options, Serpent Spine is the primary choice. If unavailable, Black Cliff Slayer or Prototype Archaic can be used as alternatives. The Ultimate Overlord's Mega Magic Sword, obtainable from the 4.3 event, is another good weapon option for Navia.


For Navia's artifacts, the newly released Ninghttime Whispers in the Echoing Woods in version 4.3 is recommended. While farming this set, you can use alternative double sets like Golden Troupe, Shimenawa, Gladiator, or Archaic Petra. Focus on acquiring artifacts with attack, Geo damage, bonus crate, and helmet depending on your current crate. If you have Navia's constellation two, her Elemental skill gains an additional 36% crate when using three or more ammo stacks. For substats, prioritize crate, crit damage, attack, and energy recharge.



Team Building and Composition


Navia's team composition requires two Geo characters and two characters from Pyro, Electro, Cryo, or Hydro elements. A shield or healer is beneficial due to Navia's lack of healing. The core team consists of Navia, a second Geo character (such as Zhongli or Albedo for protection and resistance reduction), and Ningguang for creating crystals and serving as a DPS when Navia is off-field.


The remaining two slots should include characters that can deal consistent Elemental field damage for crystal production, like Furina, Raiden, Yae, Yelan, Mona, Fischl, Xingqiu, Xiangling, etc. Bennet is recommended for the last slot due to his excellent synergy with Navia. My personal favorite squad is Navia, Zhongli, Furina, and Bennet, with Furina interchangeable with Raiden, Yae, or Mona. For F2P or new players, a good composition from my testing is Navia, Ningguang, Xingqiu, and Bennet.



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How to Top Up Genshin Impact on LootBar


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