Should F2P Players Pull Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact 4.3? Roles, Teams, Pros & Cons

Today we're diving into whether Raiden Shogun is worth it for F2P in the latest 4.3 update. She's versatile, excelling as an Electro powerhouse and can serve as main or support DPS. We'll discuss her strengths, weaknesses, and F2P-friendly team setups, so stay tuned for some exciting insights if you're considering pulling for her!



Raiden Shogun's Versatile Role in Genshin Impact 4.3


Her possible roles still vary from anywhere from a support DPS to a capable main DPS at C0, even though her C2 makes her even more better. She works great as an electrocharged character, especially with Neuvillette or Furina, and allows them to use their bursts more frequently while also dealing an insane amount of complementary damage. However, she also works great with aggravate with Dendro still in the meta, working great with Nahida, Dendro MC, and even Alhaitham.


Raiden's potential with the overload reaction makes her a must-have for the banner, especially when paired with characters like Chevreuse. The inclusion of Bennett and Sara on the banner provides a complete team setup for F2P players. Even without Chevreuse, Raiden's compatibility with overload in national teams, used for late Abyss, makes her a great option due to her synergy with Hydro, Dendro, and Pyro characters.


F2P Team Building & Analysis for Raiden Shogun


Raiden Shogun's best F2P teams for today's meta include the national team with Bennett, Xiangling, and Xingqiu, all of whom are obtainable for free. Xingqiu can be substituted with Sucrose or Kazuha for grouping in an overload team, and with Chevreuse, the Anemo character could be replaced to create a powerful overload team. In Dendro teams, Raiden fits well with characters like Nahida, potential off-field Electro characters like Beidou or Fischl, and another Dendro character, offering flexibility and synergy.


Lastly, I did briefly mention this earlier, but you could run her with Neuvillette or Furina and an Anemo and then an off-field Electro character for a great electro-charged team. So, with all of these great F2P team options, I will have to go into the pros and cons about her.



Pros & Cons of Raiden Shogun


A main pro of Raiden Shogun is that she offers diverse and powerful team options for F2P players in the current meta. She excels as an Electro applicator, dealing significant burst damage that can eliminate enemies quickly. Her kit allows for smooth gameplay and team rotations, and her early constellations, particularly C2, provide substantial damage boosts.


Now, moving on to her cons, her main source of damage is her burst, which means a lot of energy is needed. But this is not the worst thing, considering she does benefit from having energy, and if she is a report, the damage from her skill does sufficient damage anyway. However, if you do use her for the burst damage, she is dependent on her resolve stack to do a lot of damage, which basically requires you to use the rest of the party's Elemental burst.





Overall, I think that Raiden is still one of the best characters in the game at C0 for F2P players, so you should definitely not miss out on her, especially in the current Banner. You basically have a full team with her, but just getting her alone gives a possibility for insane damage output in so many teams.


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