PUBG Mobile Version 2.8 Update: Introducing Zombie's Edge, Classic Mode enhancements, and more

The PUBG Mobile Version 2.8 update has finally arrived, and it brings Cycle 5 of Season 14, which includes more Season missions and rewards. Additionally, the update introduces a new themed mode, classic mode enhancements, editor updates, and more, providing players with exciting new gameplay experiences.
PUBG Mobile Version 2.8 Update Overview
New Themed Mode: Zombie’s Edge
In the Zombies Edge mode of PUBG Mobile, players will not only have to face regular zombies but also encounter powerful creatures known as Berserkers and Rippers. These formidable foes add an extra level of challenge to the gameplay and require players to be alert and strategic in order to survive. The Zombies Edge mode is available on the Erangel, Livik, and Miramar maps, providing players with new and exciting experiences in familiar battlegrounds.
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Absolutely! In the Zombies Edge mode of PUBG Mobile, players have the opportunity to obtain valuable new weaponry by defeating zombies. One such weapon is the mutation gauntlets, which grant players the ability to unleash powerful attacks and obliterate zombies. The Slam attack is a devastating option that deals significant damage, while the Great Smash takes it a step further by delivering charged-up damage as players leap into the air before striking down.
Additionally, the Mutation Blade is another formidable weapon that enhances agility and versatility. Equipping the Mutation Blade provides players with a potent arm blade, enabling wide-range attacks and dealing substantial damage to the zombie horde. This weapon also boosts player movement speed, making it a valuable asset for surviving and adapting to the challenges posed by the undead.
Indeed, you are correct! The Aerolith Lab in PUBG Mobile's Zombies Edge mode is a crucial location where players can encounter colossal monsters and engage in intense battles. By defeating these massive creatures, players can obtain abundant supplies that will aid them in their quest for survival.
Furthermore, the Aerolith Lab is also where players have the opportunity to find the highly sought-after Maglev Hoverboard. This advanced item is a remarkable gadget that combines the capabilities of both land and water travel. With the Maglev Hoverboard, players can swiftly navigate across various terrains, making it an invaluable asset for exploration and evading danger.
Classic Mode Improvements
In the latest update of PUBG Mobile, a new melee weapon called the Dagger has been introduced. This weapon features unique animations for gripping, movement, and attacking, enhancing both its visual appeal and functionality. The Dagger proves to be a versatile tool, not only in classic mode but also in the challenging Zombie's Edge mode.
Another exciting addition in version 2.8 is the Tactical Gunpower Tool. This innovative tactical attachment is designed specifically for the Crossbow. When equipped, it triggers a delayed explosion within the blast radius of the weapon after impact. This adds another layer of strategy and firepower to the gameplay, allowing players to unleash devastating attacks on their opponents.
Both the Dagger and the Tactical Gunpower Tool provide players with new options and tactics to explore, adding more excitement and versatility to the PUBG Mobile experience.
In the latest version of PUBG Mobile, the AUG will now spawn as a standard firearm, increasing its accessibility for players. The FAMAS will take the place of the AUG as the airdrop firearm, bringing a new element to the airdrop loot pool. To ensure fair gameplay, the attributes of these firearms have been adjusted accordingly.
Additionally, the MK12 will now be available on all maps, broadening its availability and providing players with more options for their loadouts. Furthermore, the ACE32, which may have been less popular among players, has been improved to enhance its performance, potentially making it a more appealing choice in battles.
Editor Updates
A lot of updates are done to the editor, keeping in mind the player and creator experience. These enhancements include the addition of the character switch device, gameplay devices, interactive objects, decorative and building objects, as well as map templates. Moreover, these improvements extend to the refinement of gameplay devices, game parameter settings, and editor features.
PvE Gameplay Template
In the upcoming PUBG Mobile Version 2.8 update, players can look forward to the introduction of a brand-new PvE template and a variety of enemy types. The development team is extending a warm invitation to both players and content creators to explore and experience this. We shall get to know more once the update launches.
And that concludes the information about the PUBG Mobile Version 2.8 Update!
How can I top up UC more cheaply and safely in the new season?
PUBG Mobile UC Top Up
In-game currencies are common in almost every game, including PUBGM. PUBGM has its own currency called Unknown Cash (UC), which can be used to purchase cosmetics such as outfits, weapon skins, and emotes.
By buying PUBG UC, you can customize your characters to reflect your personal style. This allows you to mix and match outfits until you find your unique look, enhancing your immersion in the game.
You can acquire PUBGM UC through the official in-game shop, or you can consider purchasing it from Lootbar, where UC is available at a lower price. This enables you to save money and obtain more PUBG in-game currency for purchasing additional items.
How to top up PUBG Mobile on LootBar
Follow these steps to top up PUBG Mobile on LootBar:
1.Enter the LootBar offical website , choose language, currency type and log in.
2. On top-up column, choose the game that you want to top up. In this case, Top Up > PUBG Mobile
3. Determine how much Unknow Cash you want to purchase and click “Top-up Now”.
4. You will be prompted to enter your UID.
5. Click Top-up. Choose your preferred payment method and pay.
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