Genshin Impact Wriothesley: Release Date, Leaked Artwork, Cryo Element, and Abilities

Wriothesley is an upcoming character in Genshin Impact, and we have gathered all the information available about this new unit so far. The Genshin Impact trailer, named "Overture Teaser: The Final Feast," introduced multiple playable characters that will be released alongside Fontaine. These characters include Arlecchino, Furina, Charlotte, Navia, Lyney, and many others who will join the game at different points.
However, one character in particular caught everyone's attention – Wriothesley. This character was officially revealed through a tweet by Hoyoverse, where the release date of the unit was confirmed along with their elemental affiliation.
Is there a Wriothesley release date?
Yes, Wriothesley is set to be released alongside the version 4.1 update of Genshin Impact. This information was confirmed through official marketing material shared by Hoyoverse on their Twitter account, two days before the release of the version 4.0 update.
Wriothesley's Cryo-Infused Attacks and Abilities
Wriothesley utilizes frost to enhance his punches, unleashing a series of rapid cryo-infused attacks. His normal attack combo count will not reset temporarily when sprinting.
During a plunging attack, Wriothesley descends from the air and strikes the ground, causing cryo damage to enemies in his path and triggering an area of effect cryo damage upon impact.
By consuming stamina, Wriothesley can perform a charged attack, leaping into the air and delivering an AOE cryo damage with a powerful punch.
His elemental skill, Icefang Rush, allows him to sprint forward and enter a state called "chilling penalty," enhancing the strength of his attacks. In this state, Wriothesley gains interruption resistance and, if his HP is above 50%, his normal attack's repelling fists, called Forceful Fists of Frost, deal increased damage. However, when these attacks hit opponents, they consume Wriothesley's HP.
His elemental burst——Darkgold Wolfbite: Wriothesley unleashes the power of his boxing gloves, launching a powerful icy straight punch. He follows it up with icicle impact, causing multiple instances of area-of-effect Cryo damage in front of him.
Wriothesley's Passives
There Shall Be a Plea for Justice: When Wriothesley's HP drops below 60%, he gains a gracious rebuke. The charged attack of his normal attack, the Forceful Fists of Frost, is enhanced to become Rebuke: Vaulting Fist. This enhanced attack does not consume stamina, deals 30% increased damage, and restores Wriothesley's HP after hitting equal to 30% of his maximum HP. This rebuke can be triggered once every 5 seconds.
There Shall Be a Reckoning for Sin: Wriothesley's chilling penalty state from Icefang Rush will gain a stack of Prosecution Edict whenever his current HP increases or decreases. This can stack up to a maximum of 5 stacks, with each stack increasing his ATK by 6%.
The Duke's Grace passive ability allows Wriothesley a 10% chance to receive double the crafted weapon ascension materials when he is crafting them.
Wriothesley's Abilites and Upgrades
  • Level 1 – Terrorize the Evildoers: When Wriothesley's HP is below 50% or when he is under the chilling penalty state caused by Icefang Rush, the fifth attack of Repelling Fists will trigger a Gracious Rebuke. A Gracious Rebuke effect can be obtained every 2.5 seconds. Additionally, using Rebuke: Vaulting Fist will have the following enhancements: the damage dealt will be further increased to 150%, and if it hits while Wriothesley is under the chilling penalty state, the duration of that state is extended by 4 seconds. This extension can occur once per each chilling penalty duration. To unlock this ability, you must first unlock the passive talent "There Shall Be a Plea for Justice."
  • Level 2 – Shackle the Arrogant: When using Darkgold Wolfbite, each prosecution edict stack from the passive talent "There Shall Be a Reckoning for Sin" will increase the damage dealt by this ability by 40%. To unlock this ability, you must first unlock the passive talent "There Shall Be a Reckoning for Sin."
  • Level 3 – Punish the Frauds: Increases the level of the normal attack, Forceful Fists of Frost, by 3. The maximum upgrade level is 15.
  • Level 4 - Redeem those who suffer: Wriothesley's HP restored by using Rebuke: Vaulting Fist will be increased to 50% of his maximum HP. To unlock this effect, you must first activate his passive talent "There Shall Be a Plea for Justice." Additionally, when Wriothesley is healed and the amount of healing exceeds his maximum HP, different effects will occur depending on whether he is on the field or not. If he is on the field, his attack speed will be increased by 20% for 4 seconds. If he is off the field, all party members' attack speed will be increased by 10% for 6 seconds. It's important to note that these two attack speed increases cannot stack.
  • Level 5 - Mercy for the wrongly accused: The level of Wriothesley's skill Darkgold Wolfbite will be increased by 3, with the maximum level cap being 15.
  • Level 6 - Cherish the innocent: The critical rate of Rebuke: Vaulting Fist will be increased by 10%, and its critical damage will be increased by 80%. When unleashed, it will also release an icicle that deals 100% of the base damage of Rebuke: Vaulting Fist. The damage dealt by the icicle is considered as charged attack damage. To activate this effect, you must first unlock the passive talent "There Shall Be a Plea for Justice." Is there any gameplay available for Wriothesley?

Currently, there is no official gameplay footage or leaked sources for Wriothesley. Players will have to wait for further updates and announcements as we approach his release date.
In conclusion, Wriothesley seems to be an intriguing upcoming addition to the world of Genshin Impact. From the elemental abilities of the character to the artwork and constellations, every aspect has been carefully crafted to meet the high standards associated with the game. Wriothesley carries a Cryo vision and is set to be released alongside Genshin Impact’s version 4.1 update. Whether it's the anticipated gameplay, the probable release date, or the passive talents like Duke's grace and others that increase his effectiveness, Wriothesley is a character that promises an enhancement to the player's gaming experience in Genshin Impact. We've only had a glimpse of what Wriothesley is truly capable of, and we're incredibly excited to see what this character will bring to the table. As we eagerly wait for the official release and gameplay confirmation, keep an eye on our page for more leaks, updates, and news about Wriothesley and other aspects of Genshin Impact.
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