Chill Combat & Epic Showdown: PUBG Update 2.9 & PMGC 2023 – A Wild Ride You Can't Miss!

Ready for a chilling combat experience? PUBG Mobile 2.9 brings the frosty "Snow Kingdom" theme to Erangel, Livik, and Vikendi, with new weapons and gadgets for an epic showdown.


And that's not all! The PMGC 2023 is here, pitting the world's best teams against each other in heart-stopping matches to crown the ultimate champion of PUBG Mobile Global Championship.


Join us for non-stop action, suspense, and entertainment as top players showcase their skills on the grandest stage of mobile gaming. Stay tuned for more details as follows – you won't want to miss this wild ride!



New Theme: Embracing Winter


The PUBG 2.9 update introduces a winter theme with snow-covered maps and festive upgrades, including Christmas-themed vehicles like sledges and reindeer for improved mobility. Players can transform the new ride into a land-to-air convertible by combining it with a deer part found on the map, allowing them to soar above the frozen landscape. Skateboards return with innovative gameplay devices for an adrenaline-fueled combat experience.


Audio-visual improvements are also on the way, including a range of audio controls to customize firearm and vehicle sounds. UI/UX enhancements will optimize performance, enhance anti-cheat measures, and introduce a lobby creation mode, ensuring a thrilling and user-friendly combat arena.


Players can look forward to the prop hunt mode within the Wow mode, offering a challenge of stealth and strategy. Morph into various objects on the map and partake in a high-stakes game of hide and seek, with new skills like character duplication and smoke skills adding tactical depth.


Moreover, the 2.9 update will provide the option for players to switch between day and night cycles, offering a choice between classic and themed gameplay experiences.


The snowman effect adds a chilly touch to the special effects roster, while the emote slots are set to double from 12 to 24. Additionally, a variety of new skins, cosmetics, and balance changes are on the way, promising to captivate and impress players.


Sneak Peek at PMGC 2023


The PMGC 2023 is an esports event featuring the world's best PUBG Mobile teams in a battle of skill and strategy. Taking place in Istanbul, Turkey from December 8th to 10th, the tournament offers a $2 million prize pool and sees the top 16 global teams competing for ultimate supremacy.


Representing various regions, including Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and more, these teams bring a diverse array of playstyles, strategies, and tactics to the battlefield. With a mix of seasoned veterans and rising stars, the competition promises to be fierce and unpredictable.


Some notable teams include fan favorites like Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, and Fnatic, who have consistently delivered outstanding performances on the global stage. However, up-and-coming challengers such as Bigetron RA, Nova Esports, and Four Angry Men are eager to prove themselves against these established powerhouses.



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