Kaveh Genshin Guide: Ultimate Builds, Weapons, Artifacts, and Team Compositions

Welcome to the ultimate guide to maximizing Kaveh's potential in Genshin Impact! This comprehensive guide will explore every aspect of Kaveh's capabilities, providing the knowledge needed to unleash his full power in your adventures. Let's delve into the intricacies of Kaveh's abilities and how to optimize his performance across a variety of gameplay scenarios.



Kaveh's Kit and Abilities


Kaveh's kit, particularly optimized at C6, specializes in dendro core manipulation and burst dendro infusion. He excels in Bloom damage without relying on hyperbloom or virgin extensions, instead synergizing well with the general chorus. His normal charge attacks feature a unique helicopter-like motion that deals elegant AOE dendro damage. Kaveh's skill sets off instant core explosions similar to Nilou's passive, while his burst further amplifies dendro core damage akin to Neelu's effect, thus presenting a distinct twist on her specialty.


Weapons & Artifacts


When building Kaveh, focus on Elemental Mastery (EM) and Energy Recharge (ER). Choose between EM or ER weapons depending on your build; for instance, Favonius Greatsword offers high ER and a utility passive that works well with his burst and pseudo-AOE attacks. A crit rate of 20-30% is often enough to activate the weapon's passive consistently.


Kaveh's artifact sets mirror hyperbloom/virgin enabler roles as he aims to create dendro cores and trigger Bloom reactions. If no teammate uses Deepwood set, Kaveh should; otherwise, stack EM or consider Flower Paradise set for increased Bloom damage. Gilded, 2-piece EM combos, or the 4-piece Flower set are viable options. For spread DPS, prioritize 4-piece Gilded or 2-piece EM sets.


For main stats, there are two paths:

1. Full EM build - utilizes an ER or EM timepiece, EM goblet, and EM circlet for max Bloom damage.

2. Spread DPS build - balances crit rate and crit damage, aiming for a ratio around 60-120.


Constellations & Team Compositions


At C0, Kaveh's Bloom potential is limited by his skill cooldown; pairing him with Nilou at this level increases damage stacks. At C6, Kaveh gains self-sufficiency and power: C1 improves tankiness vs dendro damage and healing; C2 boosts attack speed during burst for smoother attacks and better dendro application. C4 enhances core Bloom damage, synergizing with his own burst and Nilou's passive. C6 introduces a game-changing feature where his burst triggers an AOE dendro mini Elemental skill every three seconds to pop all cores, allowing him to excel solo or in tandem with Nilou.


In team comps, the optimal Super Bloom team features Kaveh (EM-focused dendro driver & Bloom generator), Baizhu (off-field dendro support), Nilou (Super Bloom activator), and Yelan (Hydro application). Without Nilou, replace her with another off-field Hydro character but ensure Kaveh is C6 for consistent Bloom explosions. Alternatively, C6 Kaveh can adapt as a spread DPS in various teams, such as freeze comps (with Rosaria, Ganyu, or Qiqi) for cryo reactions and dendro boost, or vaporize/melt teams (with Xiangling, Childe, or Diluc) to amplify their damage via dendro support.



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