How to Get Genshin Crystal Core Quickly? - Best Locations to Farm Crystal Cores Genshin

Want to boost your character's talents in Genshin Impact? Gathering Crystal Cores is crucial, and knowing the best locations to farm them can make a significant difference. Whether you're new to the game or a seasoned player, mastering the art of obtaining Crystal Cores efficiently is key. In this guide, we'll explore top strategies and locations for acquiring Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact, empowering you to maximize your characters' potential.



What Are Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact


In Genshin Impact, Crystal Cores are used for alchemical synthesis, creating Adepti Seeker's Stove, Condensed Resin, Dendrocide Potion, Windbarrier Potion, and Frostshield Potion. They are obtained by capturing Anemo Crystalfly in the wild. Anemo Crystalfly, unlike regular butterflies, is surrounded by Anemo elements. Regular butterflies only yield butterfly wings, not Crystal Cores when captured.


It's important to note that Crystal Cores are not found as natural spawns in the wild; instead, they are automatically acquired when players capture a Crystalfly and the refresh time for Crystal Cores is once every two weeks. There are four different types of catchable Crystalflies:


Anemo Crystalfly (Mondstadt)

Cryo Cyrstalfly (Dragonspine)

Electro Crystalfly (Inazuma)

Geo Crystalfly (Liyue)


Where to Find Crystal Cores in Genshin Impact


You can gather Crystal Cores from Anemo, Cryo, Geo, Electro, or Dendro Crystalflies in Mondstadt, Dragonspine, Liyue, Inazuma, and Sumeru, respectively. The color and shape vary based on the region.


Mondstadt: Dawn Winery, Windrise



Liyue: Mt. Aocang, Mt. Tianheng, Mingyun Village



Inazuma: Seirai Island



Top Up Genesis Crystals on LootBar


Topping up Genshin Impact on LootBar's website is also done through miHoYo's official route.


If you top up through the LootBar platform, you will get twice the amount of Genesis Crystals you top upd. For example, if you top up 6480 Genesis Crystals, you will get 6480 Genesis Crystals*2.


The price on LootBar's website is lower, and you can choose 6480 Genesis Crystals*4, and you can finish with one payment operation, which is very convenient. If you refer to the current price of LootBar, you can purchase 6480 Genesis Crystals*4 for only 295 dollars, saving nearly 100 dollars!


How to Top Up Genshin Impact on LootBar


To top up Genshin Impact on LootBar, please follow the steps below.


1. Access LootBar's official site, select the language, currency type, and log in.

2. In the top up column, select the game you want to top up. In this case, top up > Genshin Impact

3. Decide the amount of Genesis Crystals you want to buy and click 'Buy Now'.

4. Select the server and enter your Genshin Impact UID.

5. Click top up. Choose your preferred payment method and pay.


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