Honkai Star Rail 2.0 Leaks: New Characters, Exciting Events & More

Prior to the long-awaited update, a special program launched, setting the stage for the grand reveal of Honkai Star Rail's 2.0 on January 26, 2024 at 19:30 during the Chinese Spring Festival. The launch will introduce three new characters: Black Swan, Sparkle, and Misha. Phase 1 will focus on Black Swan, with phase 2 featuring Sparkle and Misha. Get ready for this Honkai Star Rail 2.0 Leaks!


New Playable Characters: Black Swan, Sparkle & Misha


Black Swan



Skill (Decadence, False Twilight): Deals Wind DMG equal to 112% of Black Swan’s ATK to a single enemy and any adjacent targets, with a 100% base chance to inflict 1 stack of Sacrament to the attacked enemies and a 100% base chance to lower the attacked enemies’ DEF by 23.8%, lasting for 3 turns.


Ultimate (Bliss of Otherworld’s Embrace): Black Swan's attack deals 144% ATK Wind damage to all enemies and inflicts a 2-turn Epiphany, causing affected enemies to take 30% more damage on their turn and altering their Sacrament to include Wind Shear, Bleed, Burn, and Shock effects. During the 2 turns, Sacrament stacks are not reset, and the stack reservation effect can trigger once, with charges replenished upon reapplication of Epiphany.


Talent (Loom of Fate’s Caprice): Each turn, enemies have a 73% base chance of getting Sacrament when they receive DoT, causing them to take Wind DoT equal to 300% of Black Swan’s ATK. Each Sacrament stack raises this multiplier by 15%, resetting to 1 stack and stacking up to 99 times.


Imagine how amazing the Black Swan and Kafka's dot clan will be when the layers of the Sacrament are accumulated. DOT T0 team is just around the corner.





Skill (Dreamdiver): Increases the CRIT DMG of an ally for a value equal to 45% of Sparkle’s CRIT DMG +20% for 1 turns, and also Advances the unit’s action Forward by 50%.


Ultimate (The Hero with a Thousand Faces): Recovers 4 Skill Points for allies and grants them Cipher. Every ally with Cipher will increase the DMG dealt by Sparkle’s Talent for an additional 12% per stack for 2 turns.


Talent (Red Herring): When Sparkle is on the battlefield, increases the max number of Skill Points additionally by 2. When an ally consumes 1 Skill Point, it will increase the DMG of all allies by 7.5% for 2 turns. This effect can be stacked up to 3 times.


Sparkle's core function is to replenish battle skill points while granting the character significant attack power and critical damage bonuses. It can be likened to an advanced version of Hanya. When combined with Seele, Fuxuan, Silver Wolf, and Quantum team, it becomes the answer in the 2.0 version.





As Misha of Four-star destruction, he would also be a good civilian main carry. Attacking frozen enemies increases the critical hit rate, and depleting skill points restores energy to speed up the Ultimate skill cycle, making him a possible countermeasure card for Ice Weak enemies.


Appealing Events: Hanu Brothers' Escape & Penacony Food Fest Event


Version 2.0 will usher in one big event and three smaller events. Like the previous version, it is estimated that ten Star Rail special Passes will be given within seven days, but due to the Chinese Spring Festival, it is estimated that the benefits will increase, and it is possible to send ten more by mail.


The big event was the Hanu Brothers' escape, and the smaller events were Dream TV, Dream Chase, and the Penacony Food Fest Event. According to some activities on the Internet, there are only some pictures, and the specific gameplay will be slowly exposed later, let us stay tuned.



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