Herta Honkai Star Rail Builds: Best Eidolons, Light Cones, Relics & Teams

In the recent event Pure Fiction, Herta's performance can be said to be very exciting, and she has become a mainstream character for many players to guide this event. Now let's check out Herta's best builds, team comps!



Key Eidolens: E2 & E6



Herta's key eidolons are E2 and E6. E2 provides a CRIT rate bonus, and E6 provides a large attack power bonus. These two eidolons can better increase the damage of her additional attacks and greatly improve her ability to clean up mobs.


Best & Alternative Light Cones 


1.Best light cone


Before Dawn is Jingyuan's signature weapon, granting Herta CRIT Rate and damage boosts from combat or final techniques. It further enhances the next attack following these skills, catering to all of Herta's damaging abilities with additional CRIT DMG multipliers not found on the Black Tower. Despite its effectiveness, it's scarce until the scene element is reproduced, making it challenging to acquire.


2. Alternative Light Cones



Night on the Milky Way is Himeko's ATK-boosting light cone, tailored for crowd control characters like Herta. It scales with enemy count (max 5) and grants a round-long damage boost upon weak point destruction, excelling against groups but less effective against bosses without summoned mobs.



The Birth of the Self is a Herta-exclusive light cone, enhancing her follow-up attack damage, particularly in crowd control scenarios. However, it offers no boosts to general attacks or skills. This light cone shines for follow-up clearance but may need swapping when battling bosses.


Best Relics: Hunter of Glacial Forest*4



Best Team Comps: Following-up ATK Team & F2P Team


Herta following-up ATK team



In this team, there are three five-star characters, the cost is higher, but the same damage bonus is higher. Fu Xuan provides damage reduction and CRIT Rate bonuses, Ruan Mei provides break effect efficiency and attribute resistance penetration bonuses. Herta's following up attack, combined with Himeko's high frequency following up attack, maximizes the team's damage.


Herta F2P Team



As the name suggests, all staff are free, are four-star roles, low cost to develop. A Main DPS like Serval will help you deal enough DMG to trigger follow up attacks. March 7th is a great pair with Herta to do consecutive follow up attacks. This team can be used effectively in Simulated Universe with Elation buffs.


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