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Hello fellow gamers! Whether you're a die-hard fan of EA Sports' FIFA, Madden, or Battlefield series, or you're just a casual player looking to improve your team, you've probably come across the concept of "FC 24 Coins" before. In this article, we'll explore the various ways to earn coins in EA Sports FC 24, and the benefits and challenges associated with each method. Now let's get started!



Why Should We Know About FC 24 Coins?


The importance of understanding the various methods to obtain FC 24 Coins cannot be overstated. By being knowledgeable about the available options, you can prioritize which methods are most effective for your gaming style and budget. This can help you to maximize your progress and enjoyment of the game while avoiding unnecessary spending real-world money on coins. Therefore, taking the time to learn about the various ways to obtain coins in EA Sports FC 24 is essential for successful and rewarding gameplay.


What Are FC 24 Coins?


FC 24 Coins is a virtual currency used in EA Sports FC 24. And they have a wide range of uses that can enhance your gaming experience significantly. Here's a more detailed look at their uses.


1. Buying New Players: Coins can be used to buy packs of cards, which contain new players and items for your team. By purchasing packs, you can add depth and diversity to your team, allowing you to explore different strategies and formations.

2. Improving Your Team: Coins can also be used to upgrade your existing players by buying training cards or player attributes. These upgrades can help to improve your team's overall performance and provide a boost to your team's strength and abilities.

3. Buying Equipment and Other Essentials: Coins can be used to buy essential items like jerseys, shoes, and other equipment that can enhance your players' performance. These items can provide small but meaningful advantages that can help you progress further in the game.

4. Trading with Other Players: There are robust trading markets where players can buy and sell items with each other. Coins can be used to buy or sell items on these markets, allowing you to acquire unique and rare items that may not be available through other means.

5. Entering Tournaments and Challenges: Coins are often required to enter special tournaments or challenges that offer exclusive rewards like special trophies, titles, or other in-game items. By participating in these events, you can win exclusive prizes that can further enhance your gaming experience.


Don't You Think that Your FC 24 Coins Are Far from Enough?


In EA Sports FC 24, some items can be quite pricey but can yield significant returns and benefits.


Some elite players may cost millions of FC 24 Coins, while their abilities and traits can significantly enhance your team's performance. For example, a player card of Kylian Mbappé can cost you 2,583,000 FC 24 Coins. Besides, rare equipment and decorations can also come with a hefty price tag.



How to Make FC 24 Coins Fast?


In this section of the article, we will enumerate the most efficient methods to quickly earn FC 24 coins. Fortunately, the developers provide players with a wide variety of ways to become wealthier in the game.


1. Buy FC 24 Coins from LootBar

2. Squad Battles

3. Division Rivals

4. FUT Champions

5. FUT Draft

6. Tasks and Missions

7. Trading in the Transfer Market


The majority of these methods can help you acquire a substantial amount of FC 24 Coins in a short time. Next, we will explore each of these methods to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of them.


Buy FC 24 Coins from LootBar


The app offers several features that make it a go-to choice for gamers:


1. Best prices: LootBar offers affordable games built just for their customers at discounted prices.

2. Instant games: Gamers can purchase their favorite games anytime and anywhere.

3. Shop with confidence: All purchases made through LootBar are backed by a 100% cash-back guarantee.

4. 24/7 online customer service: LootBar is committed to resolving any transaction issues, handling disputes, and providing satisfactory solutions to ensure a worry-free experience for all users.

5. Top-tier safety and security: Your data and transactions are monitored and protected against fraud and any other threats by LootBar.


Additionally, LootBar also offers an intuitive interface that is simple, fast, and visually appealing. Users can choose their preferred login method for added convenience. The platform also provides incredible promotions, including the opportunity for new users to purchase related gaming products for just 0.01 USD.



Squad Battles


Squad Battles is a virtual competition mode where a single-player face AI-controlled teams. When participating in Squad Battles, you can earn a significant amount of coins based on your performance.


The number of coins you earn depends on various factors such as the difficulty of the opponent, your own performance, and the outcome of the match. Typically, each victory rewards a small number of coins ranging from 300 to 1,000 FC 24 Coins, while losses may result in a smaller or no reward.


Division Rivals


One of the most exciting features for players of all levels is Division Rivals. This is a competitive mode where you can pit your team against others in your division in a bid to climb the leaderboard and claim the top spot. It's not just about winning matches though; it's about performing well in all areas of the game, including scoring goals, keeping a clean sheet, and making the right substitutions.


In Division Rivals, there are three main types of matches including Regular Matches, Knockout Matches and Tournaments with increasing difficulty and the number of rewards. And the rewards can include player card packs and FC 24 Coins based on the number of your wins.


FUT Champions


EA Sports FC 24 has a feature called FUT Champions, which is a competitive mode where you can compete against other players online. In particular, FUT Champions requires 1,250 points to be accumulated in Division Rivals mode in order to participate. Depending on the number of wins in the competition, the points can be exchanged for coins, ranging from 5,000 coins to 100,000 coins.


FUT Draft


Undoubtlly, one of the most popular game modes is FUT Draft which is a great way to play football without the commitment of a full season. It's a fast-paced, short-term experience that allows you to draft a team, play a single match, and then move on. Notably, it requires 15,000 coins to participate each time.


The amount of coins you earn depends on various factors, including your team's performance, the difficulty of the opponent, and your personal performance. In a word, you can earn anywhere from a few hundred coins to a few thousand coins per match.



Tasks and Missions


1. Daily Tasks: These tasks may include playing a certain number of matches, winning matches, achieving a certain score, etc.

2. Achievement System: These achievements may include winning a certain number of matches, reaching a specific rating, collecting specific players, etc.

3. Sign-In System: Continuous days of signing in will result in more coins as a reward.

4. Event Tasks: During specific events, the game launches special tasks and rewards. These tasks include winning a certain number of matches within a specific time period, completing specific challenges, etc.


For instance, the game is currently running a campaign called "Weekly Dash". This campaign requires players to win at least 10 matches within one week. For each match won, you'll earn 50 coins, and if you complete all 10 matches, you'll receive an additional 500 coins as a reward.


Trading in the Transfer Market


The trading system can be divided into immediate sale mode and market auction mode.


The immediate sell mode usually results in a lower price for the product being sold, resulting in a loss for the player. Based on the level, a regular gold card is basically sold for over 500 coins per card.


The auction mode is to set a upper limit for bidding, and the prices between the two can differ significantly. Advanced traders may use Sniping (buying underpriced items quickly) and Flipping (buying low and selling high) strategies to achieve substantial profits. But in practice, it is difficult to sell ordinary player cards at high prices, and most of them have to be sold at a discounted price.




In conclusion, earning coins in EA Sports FC 24 can be a rewarding experience that fuels your progress and enjoyment of the game. While there are several ways to earn FC 24 Coins, it's essential to prioritize methods that align with your gaming style and budget. Remember, the key to amassing coins is to be consistent, patient, and strategic about your approach. With enough time and effort, you can build a formidable team and enjoy all the benefits that the virtual world of EA Sports FC 24 has to offer!

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