Diablo 4 Abattoir of Zir Introduction: How to Unlock, Battle Process and Rewards, and Impact of Hotfix on December 8th

Through this article, you will learn about the mechanism of Abattoir of Zir, including how to unlock, how to pass, and the impact of new updates on December 8th. At the same time, we will also share some basic tips and tricks to ensure your success in this event.
The release date for Diablo 4 Abattoir of Zir is December 5, 2023 (version 1.2.3), and the event will last until January 23, 2024. The devs have already stated that if the community's response is mainly positive, this event may return in future seasons, that is to say, the event may not return in the future.

Simply put, The Abattoir of Zir is basically a post-tier 100 continuation of Nightmare Dungeons, with even higher level enemies, and Bloodseeker bosses you'll need to defeat within 10 minutes to gain the upper hand in this event. The mechanism has a total of 25 levels, and the difficulty of each level will gradually increase.
This is a new gameplay that is very suitable for casual players, because if you only plan to go for one or two times each time, instead of rushing to the top, then its rewards are definitely satisfying.
But if you take the 25th floor as your final goal, then you will embark on a wonderful journey, and the AoZ will become your new "nightmare".


I. How to Unlock Abattoir of Zir


Let's talk about the unlocking method of the Abattoir of Zir first. We need to complete the Season Journey in the game to unlock the ticket making of the AoZ.
The Season Journey opened by pressing U does not require you to finish, as long as you do it to the step where you can receive the final rewards.
Once completed, you'll unlock a recipe to craft a Bloodforged Sigil. Craft this at the Occultist to spawn the Visceral Channel in Ked Bardu which grants access to the Abattoir.
Using this Sigil, you can open a portal nearby, and the portal will send you into a dungeon where the monsters are completely random. After the fight, we can get rewards.
To craft the Bloodforged Sigil at the Occultist in Kyovashad, you will need 60,000 gold and 800 Sigil Powder.
You will need a lot of in-game currency to make the Sigil. Therefore, we provide you with the purchase of Diablo 4 gold on the LootBar platform to ensure that you always have enough gold to meet all your needs.
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II. Battle Process and Rewards


After completing the first tier of Abattoir of Zir unlocks the Unique Glyph: Tears of Blood. This glyph is very powerful, it can provide you with independent damage bonuses based on all attribute values in the range.
After completing the AoZ, we will also be rewarded with 4 random items and the opportunity to upgrade glyph. The strength of these 4 items are at least 900, although it is a bit worse compared to the guaranteed 925 of Duriel, but they can be used except for weapons.
The experience of upgrading  glyph is quite a lot, with 1000 experience for one level and 3900 experience for 10 levels. Using it to update ordinary glyph is very fast, but it is not very good for upgrading Tears of Blood, because the experience of inscriptions required by Tears of Blood is simply an astronomical number. It requires 2000 experience for levels 1~2, and 4600 experience for levels 2~3. The experience required for each level of glyph will be added to the experience of the previous level by thousands.
If you want to get level 50 to unlock the special effect of expanding the range, you may have to spend millions of glyph experiences. For most players, this is an impossible task.
The progress stage and the normal monster killing dungeon are no different, just kill monsters in randomly generated maps. The types of monsters are related to the map, but like the normal dungeon, they also have a group design, and the types of monsters within the same layer are exactly the same.
At present, which class is better to brush AoZ is controversial. The difficulty is basically the increase in monster blood volume. According to inaccurate calculations, the blood volume of monsters is almost doubled for each increase in difficulty above level 10. This exponential growth makes it very difficult to pass high-level.
Although we can barely handle it by pulling monsters during the progress stage, it is very torturous to fight the last three bosses. Under the current situation of low-level Tears of Blood, even a barbarian needs three minutes to fight bosses of level 20~21. After the blood volume doubles, you have to fight against a boss that may kill you in seconds for 5~6 minutes continuously. Each level of promotion is a serious test of output.
Currently, very few players can complete this task.

III. Impact of the hotfix on December 8th

In response to the players' voices (complaints), Blizzard launched some changes to the AoZ on December 8th. Simply put, it was a quick mistake admitting, adjusting several key points that everyone was criticizing. There are three specific changes:
The first is the increase in glyph experience rewards. Now, starting from the second level, the scripture experience rewards given by the second level you pass will increase, but how much it increases is not mentioned.
The second is the removal of the problem affixes. Now, Bloodseekers can no longer spawn with the Vampiric or Suppressor Affixes.
The third is the reduction of early difficulty and damage.
For real casual players, the difficulty of the AoZ, which only has one chance, is a bit too high, so they adjusted the difficulty of the 1~9 level AoZ, but the difficulty after the 10th level will remain the same as before. In addition, the damage of AoZ at all levels has been reduced by 20%, which should help players reduce the risk of being killed in seconds.
Some users have expressed approval of this, but everyone still hopes for more changes to reduce the difficulty of AoZ.
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