Clash of Clans Easily 3 Star the Last TH 15 Challenge Step by Step

TH 16 Update Sneak Peek from Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is gearing up for an exciting update, and one of the sneak peeks reveals the highly anticipated Town Hall 16 (TH16) gameplay. Town Hall 16 has been confirmed for the December Update, bringing a new nature-themed design and upgrades for various buildings, defenses, units, walls, traps, heroes, spells, and more. Additionally, there are balance changes and new features such as the ability to Friendly Challenge your own Village and partial training of armies.

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How to Easily 3 Star the Last Town Hall 15 Challenge


Now, let's focus on the strategy to 3 star the Last TH 15 Challenge. Begin by setting your groundwater to ground mode. Utilize the flame flinger by zooming in all the way to the western side of the base. Place the flinger off the map, maximizing its range beyond the archer tower. If the placement isn't successful on the first attempt, don't worry, as you have unlimited tries. Restart the challenge and try again. Deploy a war break spell to the top right elixir collector, northeast of it, to trigger the skeleton trap. The second war break should be placed between the elixir storages near the Town Hall. Position the archer queen beside the flinger, close to the elixir collector.


Wait for the healers, allowing the queen to handle the skeleton trap and air defense with the help of her unicorn. Avoid placing the healers within range of the air defense to preserve their health. Once the air defense is destroyed, deploy all five healers. Use a rage spell between the queen and unicorn to benefit both of them. As the second elixir storage falls, the queen will move towards the king. At this point, use another rage spell, send in a headhunter, place an ice golem on the cannon, and position the king north of the cannon. Deploy three wizards on the wizard tower to ensure the king moves forward.


After that, freeze the Town Hall and expo once the queen activates them. Use the second ice golem with the king, deploy a baby dragon on the bottom elixir collector, and place a valkyrie to the north. Send in a headhunter, royal champion, and rage spell near the king. Also, apply the rage spell to the queen. Break the wall and release a balloon, followed by the electro titan, three super bowlers, and grand warden. Attempt to freeze the single-target inferno to protect the queen's ability. Use a jump spell by the clan castle, rage that area, and activate the grand warden ability before the troops take the jump.


To the bottom left of the base, deploy a giant, three balloons, and a hog rider. Return to the middle and use the skeleton spell in front of the monolith if needed. If the royal champion ability hasn't triggered yet, activate it to hasten her progress to the monolith. Employ the invisibility spell just behind the royal champion, turning her invisible but not the monolith. At this stage, the queen's ability might have been used, but you can rely on the remaining troops to clean up and secure the 3 star victory.

Best Ways to get COC Gems


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