Introducing Baxia, the MLBB Hero: Skills, Acquisition, and Affordable Purchase

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Baxia, a powerful hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, offers a unique set of skills that makes him a formidable force on the battlefield. This article will cover the hero's abilities, how to acquire him in-game, and a more affordable and secure method of purchasing Baxia through the Lootbar platform.


Baxia's Skills

Skill 1 - Baxia-Shield Unity: Baxia retracts into his shield and accelerates forward for 9 seconds, dealing 300-400 (+60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies hit and stunning the target for 0.8 seconds. During acceleration, using this skill again launches Baxia upward to cross obstacles and enemy minions, dealing 375-500 (+75% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemy heroes below and stunning them for 1 second.


Skill 2 - Shield of Spirit: Baxia throws his shield forward, dealing 180-255 (+120% Total Magic Power) (+target's 6% Total HP) Magic Damage to the target and minions on the path, marking them for 5 seconds and slowing them down by 50% for 1 second. The shield disappears upon hitting the first enemy hero or creep. Baxia can cast this skill again for 5 seconds, and if an enemy hero or creep is hit by the skill, the cooldown will be reduced by 15%.


Skill 3 - Tortoise's Puissance: Baxia holds his shield to the front and begins sprinting frantically, gaining 30% extra Movement Speed for 10 seconds while leaving a lava path behind. Enemies on the path will take 40-50 (+30% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and be slowed by 15% for 0.5 seconds every 0.5 seconds. For the duration, the Damage Reduction effect from Baxia Mark is increased to 240% (85).


Acquiring Baxia in MLBB

To unlock Baxia in MLBB, you can either use 32,000 in-game gold or 599 diamonds. Gold can be earned by completing in-game tasks and rewards, while diamonds require real money to purchase.


Cheaper and Safer Way to Get Badang in MLBB

To get Badang at a discounted rate, players can purchase Diamonds through Lootbar, which offers an 85% discount. Follow these steps to buy MLBB Diamonds:

  1. Click here or visit Lootbar:
  2. Enter your MLBB user ID and Zone ID.
  3. Select the desired amount of Diamonds you wish to buy.
  4. Complete the transaction, and the Diamonds will be instantly delivered to your Mobile Legends account.
  5. If you want to send Diamonds to your family or friends, simply enter their user ID and Zone ID during the transaction.
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