Top Hero Picks for Each Role in Mobile Legends Season 30: A Game Changing Guide



Discovering the optimal heroes for each role in Mobile Legends Ranked Season 30 is crucial for achieving success on the battlefield. Whether you've been playing for years or are new to the game, selecting the right heroes is of utmost importance. This article dives into the ever-evolving universe of Mobile Legends, unveiling the ultimate hero choices for every role, ranging from tanks to marksmen and beyond. Additionally, the list of the top heroes for each role in Mobile Legends Ranked Season 30 explores their distinct advantages and provides insight into why they dominate the meta.




Fanny - Jungle

Fanny, despite being one of the most challenging heroes to master in Mobile Legends, remains one of the strongest assassins in the game. Her high mobility and damage output make her a formidable force. However, it's important to note that she is vulnerable to crowd-control-focused heroes such as Minotaur, Khufra, and Atlas.

Uranus - Exp Lane or Jungle

Uranus is a tank hero known for his exceptional durability and health regeneration. His kit also includes a movement speed buff. When paired with utility heroes like Mathilda, Rafaela, Floryn, or Angela, Uranus becomes nearly invincible.

Gord - Mid Lane

Gord has recently risen to the top of the meta thanks to a powerful buff. His abilities now deal insane true damage burst and have a long-range reach. However, it's advisable to have a reliable tank or healer to support Gord, as he can be easily taken down by assassins.


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