PUBG Mobile Update 2.8: AUG vs M4 - Unveiling the Superior Assault Rifle

AUG vs M4: Recoil Control Comparison
  PUBG Mobile is a game where weapon choices greatly impact your chances of winning. The 2.8 update brought a significant change, moving the AUG from a rare airdrop weapon to a more commonly found weapon in the world. This has led to discussions about its effectiveness compared to the popular M416 (M4). In a comparison video created by Zendex, we will analyze the stats, performance, and nuances of the AUG and M4 to determine which one prevails in the post-update era.
  Damage Comparison:
  Let's start with the basics: damage. Surprisingly, both the AUG and M4 have the same base damage. Previously, the AUG had a base damage of 43, but it has now been reduced to 41 to align with the M4. In terms of raw damage output, there is no clear winner between the two.
  Recoil control is another important aspect to consider when comparing the AUG and M4. The AUG has superior recoil control compared to the M4. This means that the AUG has less vertical and horizontal recoil, resulting in better weapon stability and accuracy during rapid fire. Players can maintain better control over their shots, leading to more hits on target and increased overall effectiveness in engagements.Having effective recoil control is crucial for all weapons, especially in fast-paced combat scenarios. In the past, the AUG was renowned for its exceptional recoil control, mainly due to being an airdrop weapon. Nevertheless, the most recent update brought about a recoil nerf for the AUG, resulting in a 20% reduction in vertical recoil and a 10% reduction in horizontal recoil. Comparing the current recoil of the AUG to that of the M4, they might initially seem comparable. However, further examination reveals that the AUG exhibits 20% less horizontal recoil, making it easier to handle during sustained firing. Although the AUG's vertical recoil is slightly 3% higher than the M4's, it can still be effectively managed by adjusting downwards on the weapon. As a result, the AUG proves to be the superior choice in terms of recoil control, even after the 2.8 update.
AUG vs M4: Performance Comparison
  Hip fire performance: The AUG is expected to have better hip fire accuracy due to improved recoil control, giving it an advantage over the M4.
  Reloading speed: The M4 reloads one second faster than the AUG, providing an advantage in close-quarters combat.
  Bullet velocity: Despite the recent nerf, the AUG still outperforms the M4 with a bullet velocity of 900 meters/second compared to M4's 880 meters/second. This slight difference can be advantageous in certain situations.
  In conclusion, the AUG has advantages in terms of hip fire accuracy and bullet velocity, while the M4 excels in reloading speed.To summarize, the AUG and M4 have similar base damage, but the AUG outperforms the M4 in rate of fire, DPS, recoil control (especially horizontal recoil), and bullet velocity. On the other hand, the M4 excels in reloading speed, making it more suitable for close-quarters combat.
  The 2.8 update has transformed the AUG from a rare airdrop weapon into a reliable option found commonly in the world. Although the M4 remains popular, it is clear that the AUG now surpasses it in several critical performance aspects. However, player preference and familiarity with the M4 may still make it the top choice for many.
  One important factor to consider is the rarity of the AUG in the world spawn pool. It is expected to be as rare as the M24 sniper rifle, so finding either weapon will depend on luck. Nevertheless, if you come across the AUG, it is strongly recommended to give it a try and experience the advantages it offers over the M4.
  This article provides a detailed comparison of the AUG and M4 weapons after the 2.8 version update of PUBG Mobile. Although after the update, the AUG has changed from a rare airdrop weapon to a more common ground spawn weapon, its effectiveness remains unchanged. Analysis from the perspectives of damage, firing rate, and recoil control shows that the base damage of the AUG and M4 is the same, but the AUG fires faster and inflicts higher damage. Moreover, although the recoil of the AUG has increased, it is still better than the M4, so after this update, the AUG has more advantages than the M4.
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