Introducing Floryn: The Magical Support Hero of MLBB

She was released as a part of the MLBB 5th Anniversary. Players had a chance to redeem the hero for free for a limited time.
Introducing Floryn, the paw-some hero of MLBB! With his elite skin and his unbeatable Floryn Paw Power, he's ready to take on any challenge in the ML arena. Floryn is known for his incredible ML skills and his ability to bring joy to MLBB players. Whether you're a fan of ML or just a fan of Floryn, this MLBB hero is sure to bring some ML-tastic fun to your gaming experience!
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Part 1: Floryn's Skill Set
Skill 1: Sow
Floryn's first skill is called Sow. In this skill, Floryn hurls an Energy Seed at a chosen enemy, inflicting 180–330 (+150% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage. But that's not all! Healing Fruits are also generated and bounce towards nearby allies, restoring 150–250 (+65% Total Magic Power) (+ally's 5% Lost HP) for them (60% of the amount when cast on a non-hero enemy). With the Evolved Lantern, the attack range is extended to 125%.
Skill 2: Energy Blob
Floryn's second skill is the Energy Blob. In this skill, Floryn casts a blob of energy in a designated direction, dealing 175–350 (+90% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to the enemy hit. Upon collision or reaching the maximum range, the energy blob explodes, causing an additional 105–210 (+54% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies within the area and stunning them for 1 second.
Ultimate: Bloom
Floryn's ultimate ability is called Bloom. When triggered, Floryn resonates with Dew's power, providing 400–600 (+40% Total Magic Power) HP restoration to all allied heroes twice (regardless of distance). Additionally, enemies around the allied heroes will suffer 150–250 (+60% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage and a 30% reduction in movement speed for 0.8 seconds each time the healing effect takes place.
With the Evolved Lantern, the ultimate skill removes HP Regen and Shield Reduction effects on allied heroes, rendering them immune to such effects for 3 seconds every time the healing effect is activated.
Part 2: How to Obtain the Hero Floryn in MLBB
To acquire the hero Floryn in MLBB, there are two primary methods: purchasing with in-game gold or buying with diamonds. Floryn can be obtained by spending 32,000 in-game gold or 599 diamonds. Gold can be earned by completing tasks and receiving rewards within the game, while diamonds can be acquired through in-app purchases.
Part 3: A Cheaper and Safer Way to Obtain Floryn in MLBB
If you're looking for a more cost-effective and secure method to obtain Floryn in MLBB, look no further than the Lootbar platform. By using Lootbar, you can recharge diamonds at an 15% discount. Here's how you can purchase MLBB diamonds through Lootbar:
1. Click on the provided link or visit the Lootbar website (
2. Enter your MLBB user ID and Zone ID.
3. Select the desired quantity of diamonds you wish to purchase.
4. Complete the transaction, and the diamonds will be instantly delivered to your Mobile Legends account.
If you'd like to send diamonds to your family or friends, simply input their user ID and Zone ID during the transaction.
So, there you have it! Floryn, the magical hero of MLBB, with an array of powerful skills and an affordable way to obtain him. Get ready to sow seeds, cast energy blobs, and bloom with healing power as you join the ranks of Floryn's devoted players. Happy gaming!
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