Unlock Free Primogems & Fates in Genshin Impact 4.1: Comprehensive Guide

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Attention, Genshin Impact players! Prepare yourselves to accumulate a substantial amount of primogems and intertwined fates in anticipation of the upcoming version release. Thanks to a valuable post on the genshin_impact_leaks subreddit, we now have estimated figures regarding the free gacha currency that will be available. It's important to note that these numbers are approximations and may vary slightly in reality.
A content-filled update with numerous pulls
The upcoming version of Genshin Impact is set to include a wealth of content, including archon quests, story quests, a new region, and a variety of events. Alongside these exciting additions, players can expect a generous distribution of primogems and intertwined fates. This presents an excellent opportunity for players to make significant strides in their gacha endeavors.Here's an overview of the estimated number of free primogems that F2P (free-to-play) players can expect to earn in Genshin Impact Version 1:
Permanent Content:
Here are three engaging contents where you can get more than 1000 primogems.Must try it! The first one is daily commissions where you can get 2520 primogems. The second one and the third one are Chests containing 1750 primogem and Spiral Abyss containing 1800 primogem.
What's more, there are others like:
World quests: 870 primogems
Version update compensation: 600 primogems
Achievements: 370 primogems
Version livestream: 300 primogems
Archon quest: 120 primogems
Unlocking statue of the seven and waypoints: 120 primogems
Leveling up statue of the seven: 120 primogems
More to experience and explore for yourself!
Limited-time events:
For players, there are several opportunities to obtain primogems through various activities and events in Genshin Impact. These include activities like "Such as anniversary login rewards: 1600 primogem + 10 intertwined fates", "Waterborne Poetry: 990 primogems", "Dodoco's Bomb-tastic Adventure: 420 primogems", "Radiant Harvest 420 primogems","The Peaks and Troughs of Life: 420primogems" as well as miscellaneous codes and web events.
In total, free-to-play players will have the chance to obtain a staggering amount of primogems. This includes intertwined fates (equivalent to primogems) and a whopping 12, primogems. To put this into perspective, this is roughly equivalent to pulls. With such a considerable primogem stash, players will have an excellent chance to obtain at least one coveted 5-star item from any event wish in Genshin Impact.
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