Give me five SBC Challenge -The Best Solution to help you complete the challenge

Introduction: In this blog post, we will discuss the FC 24 SBC Challenge - Give me five Challenge and explore the best solution to complete it successfully.


About Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)


Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) allow players to build unique squads using their player items based on specific challenge requirements, earning rewards upon completion.


The Give me five Challenge requires the team to consist of players from at least five different leagues.


Give me five task SBC Challenge Requirements and Rewards

To complete the Give me five Challenge, the following requirements must be met:

1. Leagues in Squad: Exactly 5

2. Players from the same League: Maximum 4

3. Players from the same Club: Maximum 4

4. Rare: Minimum 6 Players

5. Team Rating: Minimum 69

6. Total Chemistry: Minimum 15

7. Number of Players in the Squad: 11



Completing this challenge can be quite difficult, as it requires careful selection of players to meet all the criteria.


The reward for completing the Give me five Challenge is one untradeable Premium Gold Players Pack.



The Best Solution for Give me five Challenge


After trying several scenarios, I have found the best solution for the Give me five Challenge. Here are two options:


Option 1:

- Team Rating: 69

- Overall Member Cost: 2400 coins (on console) / 5600 coins (on PC)

- Squad Composition: A screenshot of the team can be found below. This solution is currently the cheapest and most effective.



Option 2:

- Team Rating: 69

- Overall Member Cost: 2400 coins (on console) / 6700 coins (on PC)

- Squad Composition: A screenshot of the team can be found below. This solution includes 6 bronze common players, 4 silver common players, and 1 gold common player.



Best Ways to Get FC 24 Coins


Completing the SBC challenge requires the direct consumption of the players you already own, and once the sbc team is assembled and submitted, these players will be permanently removed from your player cards.


The lack of the right player cards is a problem often encountered by players, so the best method is for us to purchase these players directly in the game's transfer market through fc 24 coins. So, how can we quickly earn a large amount of fc 24 coins?


Common methods to earn FC 24 Coins include selling player cards, completing weekly objectives, or participating in the Draft mode. However, these methods may not provide a quick way to earn FIFA Coins.


Fortunately, LootBar platform offers the safest and cheapest FC 24 Coins . For approximately $464, you can get 5 million FC 24 Coins. Moreover, there is currently a 10% discount for new users, reducing the price to only $417. The purchased FIFA Coins will be quickly delivered using a secure trading method, ensuring the safety of your account. So, if you desire the Mbappé player card without any waiting, head over to LootBar platform and buy FC 24 Coins now. Get your desired Mbappé player card instantly! No more waiting!



Conclusion: The Give me five Challenge in the FC 24 SBC is a difficult task that requires careful squad composition to meet all the requirements. By following the best solutions provided, players can successfully complete the challenge and earn the rewards. For those aiming to swiftly build their SBC team in FC 24, the strategic move of acquiring FC 24 coins from LootBar, LootBar can provide a faster and more efficient way to buy fut coins.Good luck!

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