Genshin Impact 4.4 Leaks: Exploring New Maps & Features Including Chenyu Vale

In an official email from Genshin Impact, birthday wishes for Zhongli hinted at the upcoming accessibility of the Chenyu Vale region in the 4.4 update of Genshin leaks. Get ready to explore this exciting new addition, filled with hidden secrets and breathtaking landscapes.



New Areas: Chenyu Vale, Qiaoying Village & Yilong Port


In the artifact set called Resounding Roar of Time, three locations are mentioned: Chenyu Vale, Qiaoying Village, and Yilong Port. These places are all described in the in-game lore.


Qiaoying Village is renowned for its tea production, situated in the northern part of Liyue near the border with Fontaine.


Yilong Port is described as a harbor for anchored ships. In the birthday email for Kazuha, it is mentioned that to the west of Yilong Port, beyond the vast sea, lies the Lumidouce Harbor of Fontaine.


Chenyu Vale practices a ritual of casting jade ornaments into the river. This valley encompasses two distinct locations and is part of Liyue, which draws inspiration from Chinese landscapes. Various architectural styles in Liyue are inspired by scenic spots in China, such as Dihua Marsh resembling Guilin and Liyue Harbor reflecting the style of Fenghuang Ancient Town.


Liyue's New Map: Connecting to China's Tea & Jade Heritage


In version 4.4, the new map features diverse terrain with mountains and water bodies, including a harbor. The cultural elements in the map include tea and jade, representing Chinese culture. Searching through the map, regions like Jiangsu, Yunnan, and Guizhou south of the Yangtze River seem to be the most fitting. These areas in China are historically known for the production of tea, especially in the regions with climates and terrains suitable for tea cultivation.


Additionally, the worship of jade reaching its peak during the Liangzhu period aligns with the Chinese cultural influence. Yunnan has been a primary region for jade processing and production throughout history. For players who have visited Yunnan in China or purchased jade, this might resonate. The assistant speculates that the terrain of the Chenyu Vale area will likely feature the hilly landscapes and developed water systems characteristic of Yunnan and Guizhou. The architecture might draw inspiration from the white-walled and gray-tiled structures of the Huizhou architectural style in Jiangnan. The new map in Chenyu Vale is expected to bring offerings from the Liyue region.



Liyue's Past: Tea Trees & Ancient Legends


Besides offering generous rewards, it will also unveil the past stories of Liyue. The offerings from Liyue mentioned in the text could potentially be related to tea trees, as hinted in the game's narrative. In the character story of Baizhu, there's a mention of a story in Mt Yaojun involving the mountain master and two adeptus. Combined with the narrative described in the Soulscent Bloom artifact, the identities of these three figures could be Yaojun, the mountain master, and Fujin.


Yaojun becomes the new master and ancestor of Baizhu as the mountain master and Fujin fade into history. Chanyu Vale's people once lived in crystal-veined mountains but relocated north to Chenyu Vale due to a disaster. An elder from Qiaoying Village mentions that Chenyu Vale's ancestors arrived from the south with a jade altar, possibly linking to the Abyss invasion in Liyue. Ruin Serpent drop materials reveal enormous serpent-like creatures in deep black cracks, connecting the Abyss to Liyue. Version 4.4 may provide further insights into the Abyss and Khaenri'ah.


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