Genshin Impact 4.3 Tier List: Discover the Best Characters and Elevate Your Gaming Experience!

Ready to discover the key to mastering character strategies in our 4.3 tier list? Eager to uncover hidden gems and optimize your team's performance? Dive into our expert guide and prepare to revamp your roster with invaluable insights. Aren't you excited to explore the comprehensive tier list that will reshape your gaming experience? Keep reading to unlock the secrets to unbeatable team formations.



Basic Standards of Each Tier


As we analyze and experiment with characters, they are not regarded as individual units but as essential members of a specific team composition. In other words, characters should not be evaluated in isolation. Below, you can find a summary of explanations for each tier.


1. SS Tier: Characters are essential picks as they significantly facilitate challenging content and serve as core members for multiple teams, particularly with minimal investment.


2. S Tier: Characters that exhibit great strength in their respective roles. Some of them can effortlessly become core party members with the appropriate investment in Artifacts or Constellations, with the main drawback being their limited accessibility.


3. A Tier: To attain comparable performance as the characters in the upper tiers, a higher investment in artifacts, weapons, and team composition is necessary. This threshold marks the division between the strongest characters in their respective roles and those below them.


4. B Tier: Characters demonstrate reliable performance in their respective roles and excel within particular team setups, although their individual prowess may be more limited.


5. C Tier: These characters are capable of fulfilling their designated roles, but their replaceability is high due to insufficiently strong talents, stats, and other attributes.


6. D Tier: These characters possess restricted combat usefulness. While they can be utilized in the absence of alternative options, we advise substituting them with a more proficient character for their designated role.



Tier List of all Genshin 4.3 Characters


SS Tier: Furina, Kazuha, Neuvillette, Bennett, Baizhu, HuTao, Alhaitham, Xingqiu, Nahida, Kokomi, Yelan, Xiangling, Raiden, Ayaka, Zhongli


S Tier: Navia, Jean, Nilou, Tartaglia, Yae, Ayato, Wriothesley, Itto, Lvnel, Tighnari, Xiao, Keqing, Wanderer, Cyno, Ganyu, Kuki, Venti, Fischl


A Tier: Yoimiya, Kirara, Shenhe, Yaoyao, Charlotte, Diona, Albedo, Mona, Eula, Sucrose, Lynette, Barbara, DehyaKlee, Traveler (Dendro), Diluc


B Tier: Freminet, Kujou, Layla, Faruzan, Qiqi, Thoma, Collei, Yun Jin, Beidou, Heizou, Yanfei, Traveler (Hydro), Kaveh, Mika, Noelle, Rosaria, Gorou, Razor


C Tier: Lisa, Dori, Amber, Traveler (Electro), Xinyan, Traveler (Geo), Ningguang, Traveler (Anemo), Candace, Kaeya, Alov, Sayu, Chongyun


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