Everything About Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun: Skills, Talents & Best Weapons

Exciting news in version 4.3 of Genshin Impact - our beloved Raiden Shogun is making a comeback! As the supreme ruler of the Inazuma region and one of the Seven, she's an absolute powerhouse. Curious about how to cultivate the Raiden Shogun? Well, fear not! We have put together a comprehensive guide just for you. So, if you're eager to learn more, dive in and let's explore together!



Raiden Shogun's Talents & Skill Priorities


1. Normal Attack: Origin

Raiden Shogun's normal attack damage multiplier is among the lowest for characters using polearm weapons. This talent is not the primary source of damage for her character mechanics. So Raiden Shogun's normal attack is not particularly important and can be overlooked.


2. Elemental Skill (E): Transcendence: Baleful Omen

Raiden Shogun's elemental skill offers a valuable damage boost as a support ability, granting her the Eye of Stormy Judgment status. While its damage multiplier isn't high, leveling it to 9 is recommended to reach the damage bonus cap. It's more about supporting damage than dealing damage itself, so prioritize leveling the elemental burst before the elemental skill.


3. Elemental Burst (Q): Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu

Distinguishing between Musou Isshin, Musou Isshiki, and Shogun's Descent is all that is needed.


4. Inherent Talent: Wishes Unnumbered

Only 2 stacks of Resolve can be accumulated at once, and the effect triggers every 3 seconds, with no other way to increase the number of Resolve stacks. It takes a minimum of 18 seconds to reach the maximum Resolve stacks, regardless of the number of elemental particles or orbs obtained at once.


5. Inherent Talent: Samurai Conduct

This talent determines the elemental recharge efficiency, a decisive attribute for Raiden Shogun. In simple terms, elemental recharge efficiency = the loop efficiency of elemental burst usage × Electro damage bonus × Elemental energy restoration provided to the team.


6. Inherent Talent: Measured Steps of Conquest

Choosing Raiden Shogun for leveling up one-handed swords or polearm weapons can save Mora during weapon ascension. It can save 52,500 Mora for a 3-star weapon, 75,000 Mora for a 4-star weapon, and 112,500 Mora for a 5-star weapon. This reduction in Mora consumption only applies to the weapon level ascension.


7. Talent Leveling

Upgrade both the elemental skill and elemental burst to at least level 6 initially. Prioritize leveling the elemental burst to level 8, then go back and level the elemental skill to level 8. Finally, upgrade the elemental burst to level 10 and then the elemental skill to level 10.



Best Weapons for Raiden Shogun


Elemental Energy Recharge is crucial for Raiden Shogun as it enhances Elemental Burst cycling, Electro damage bonus, and provides the team with Elemental Energy recovery. Therefore, prioritize weapons with the Elemental Energy Recharge property when selecting them for Raiden Shogun.


1. Five-star weapon recommendations: "The Catch of the Jade Chamber" (Exclusive weapon); "Skyward Spine."


2. Four-star weapon recommendations: "The Catch" (Secondary choice after five-star weapons); "Favonius Lance" (Considered for supportive purposes only).



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How to Top Up Genshin Impact on LootBar


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