EA FC 24 Road to the Final (RTTF) Event and Popular Player Introduction

The latest event in EA FC 24, Road to the Final (RTTF), has officially launched, marking the end of the annual Team of the Year (TOTY) event. I wonder if you players have got your favorite TOTY players. Below, let's introduce the latest RTTF event and some of the popular RTTF players.


I. RTTF Event Introduction

Like the previous RTTK event, this RTTF event also links the player's total rating and gold skills (PS+) with the team's performance in the UEFA Champions League. If the team advances, the player will get a total score upgrade and new gold skills (PS+). The specific rules are as follows:



Each RTTF player has five upgrade opportunities: win the first round of the top 16, the player increases 1 point in total rating, win the quarter-finals, increase 1 point in total rating, win the semi-finals, increase 1 gold skill (PS+), win the final, the player will increase 1 point in total rating and get 5-star fancy and 5-star weak foot.
It should be noted that if a player already has 2 gold skills (PS+), then when his team wins the semi-finals, he will become a player with 3 gold skills (PS+), which is the most attractive feature of this event.


II. Popular Player Introduction

As a dynamic upgrade card event, the just-released RTTF player cards, in addition to the players with two gold skills (PS+), do not upgrade much compared to the player cards released before the TOTY event. What we look forward to more is that as their teams advance, players can get a significant increase in total rating and new gold skills (PS+). Below, let's introduce a few potential popular RTTF players based on the odds of each team winning the championship.

1. Toni Kroos



Recommended index: ★★★★☆

Kroos is one of the hottest player cards in this RTTF event. As a defensive midfielder, Kroos has excellent organizational skills, with long and short pass ability values above 95, combined with his 1 gold (PS+) 2 silver (PS) total 3 passing skills, and 5-star weak foot, can ensure that he can accurately pass the ball to anyone on the field. In addition, his defensive ability is also very strong, and he also has the best defensive skill-ANTICIPATE, it can be said that he is one of the best CDMs in the game. Currently, Real Madrid ranks in the top three in the odds of winning the UEFA Champions League, and the first round against RB Leipzig, the hope of getting an upgrade opportunity is very high.


2. Gabriel Jesus



Recommendation Index: ★★★★

Jesus has always been a popular forward in FC24. He has extremely fast speed and strong shooting ability. This RTTF Jesus player card maintains his consistent standard. After adding Hunter chemistry, his speed is close to full score, and the core data of shooting are all above 95. Plus his excellent dribbling ability, he has become a very good shooter. The only shortcoming is that one of his two golden skills (PS+) is the Relentless, which is not as practical as other shooting skills for forwards. Arsenal has a high probability of advancing to the next round against Porto in the first round.

3. Rafael Leão



Recommendation Index: ★★★★☆

Leão was one of the most popular left-wing players in the early days of FC24. The left-wing combination with Theo Hernández became the first choice for many players. This RTTF Leão, while maintaining his strong wing dribbling ability, upgrades his crossing skill (WHIPPED PASS) to a golden skill (PS+), taking this player card to the next level. The only shortcoming of this card is that the values of short pass and long pass are not high, which may need to be strengthened by adding Engine chemistry. AC Milan's next opponent in the Europa Cup is Rennes from Ligue 1, and there is a great hope of advancing. In addition, AC Milan's odds of winning the championship are also in the top three, so he has a good chance of getting multiple upgrades.

4. Darwin Núñez



Recommendation Index: ★★★☆

As a player of Liverpool, a hot favorite to win the UEFA champion league, Núñez's popularity is naturally high. This is also the first event player card of Núñez since FC 24 was launched. Unfortunately, this card only has one golden skill (PS+), which means that even if Liverpool advances to the final, he can only have two golden skills (PS+). Apart from this shortcoming, this card is still very distinctive. As a fast and tall center forward, Núñez's impact in the game is still very strong. With his high jumping, heading, and strength values, his threat in the frontcourt headers is also great. In addition, his shooting, dribbling, and passing values are also at a medium to high level, making him a very comprehensive center forward. If Liverpool can advance to the final and win the UEFA champion league, the ability of this card can even be on par with TOTY players.


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