Honkai Star Rail 2.2 Return Character Fu Xuan: Best Builds, Relic, Ornament, Lightcone and Teams

In this blog, you can see Fu Xuan's best build and team, including her selection of tracks, Relic, Ornament, lightcones and team arrangements. As a five-star character from the next return chracter of Star Rail, Her protection mechanics and support abilities make her one of the strongest Preservation characters. Let's take a look at Fu Xuan's best build and team.




Fu Xuan's Trace Priority




Best relics and ornaments


Best Relic: 2-PC: Longevous Disciple Relic Guide + 2-PC: Guardian of Wuthering Snow





Fu Xuan's support ability depends on his HP, and Longevous Disciple Relic Guide's HP bonus is perfect for Fu Xuan.And Guardian of Wuthering Snow's DMG reduction effect makes Fu Xuan more able to survive in high-pressure environments.


2nd Best Relic: 2-PC: Longevous Disciple Relic Guide + 2-PC: Messenger Traversing Hackerspace




The SPD bonus can make Fu Xuan attack faster, so as to gain more skill points.


Body: HP

Feet: SPD / HP


Best Ornaments: Broken Keel Relic Guide




2nd Best Ornament: Fleet of the Ageless Relic Guide




Rope: HP

Sphere: HP/ Energy Regen


Light cones




1、She Already Shut Her Eyes

2、Texture of Memories

3、We Are Wildfire

4、Landau's Choice

5、Moment of Victory



She Already Shut Her Eyes is most suited for her. This lightcone increases Fu Xuan's Max HP and Energy Regen, restores allies' HP every turn, and more importantly, has an overall DMG bonus effect, which continuously buffs allies while enhancing itself.


Texture of Memories is Fu Xuan's second choice, which is obtained in the Herta Simulation Universe, and has good recovery abilities and shields.


We Are Wildfire is like a miniature version of her signature Lightcone. It heals the team at the start of the battle, it reduces the damage of allies for the first five turns. Since this light cone can be obtained for free from various sources, players can easily stack it.


Best Team



Main DPS - Seele

Support - Silver Wolf

Support - Sparkle

Sustain - Fu Xuan


This team known as Quantum Warships. It's all quantum, which means that no matter what attribute the team is facing, enemies can fight across attributes. Fu Xuan and Sparkle's CRIT Rate bonuses make Seele's DMG cap higher, making it easy to trigger the React state.


2nd Best Team




Main DPS - Boothill

Support - Ruan Mei

Support - Bronya

Sustain - Fu Xuan


Boothill will be joined in version 2.2. Because his Skill taunts enemies, making his survival stressful. Forming a team with Fu Xuan will greatly reduce the pressure on his survival. The bonus to CRIT Rate makes him easier to clear enemies.


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