Honkai: Star Rail 2.2 Boothill Leaks: Skills, Talent, Eidolons & Team

In this blog, you can see Boothill's skills and best team, As a lastest five-star The Hunt character from 2.2 version of Star Rail, Boothill is favored by everyone because of his handsome cowboy appearance and attack style. Let's take a look at Boothill's skills and best team.




Basic Attack


Deals Physical DMG equal to 100% of Boothill's ATK to a target enemy.


Enhanced Basic Attack


Deals Physical DMG equal to Boothill's 180% ATK to a target enemy. For each stack of Pocket Trickshot, deal an additional attack that deals Physical DMG equal to 20% of Boothill's ATK to the target, and the attack cannot restore energy.


Enhanced Basic Attacks cannot restore Skill Points, and can only target enemy.





Open Desperate Standoff for self and the designated enemy for 2 turns. If there is no attackable enemy target on the field, exit from Desperate Standoff.


While in Desperate Standoff, the enemy target is in a Taunting state, Boothill is unable to deal a Skill, and the Basic Attack becomes an Enhanced Basic Attack. When an enemy target in Desperate Standof for Boothill is attacked by an opponent, the DMG received is increased 30%/15%.


This Skill does not restore energy. Once this Skill is cast, the round will not end.






Adds Physical Weakness to the target enemy unit for 2 turns.


Deals Physical DMG equal to 400% of Boothill's ATK to the target and delays their action by 40%.






After the enemy target in Desperate Standoff is eliminated or the weak point is broken, the Desperate Standoff is cleared and Boothill gains a Pocket Trickshot, which can be stacked up to three times.


During the dealing of the Enhanced Basic Attack, if the target is in a Weakness Broken state, each layer of Pocket Trickshot will cause Broken DMG equal to 56% of Boothill's Physical Broke attributes to the target based on the toughness line, and the upper limit of the toughness included will not exceed 1600% of the Basic Attack base toughness reduction.


After winning the battle, Boothill can retain Pocket Trickshot for the next battle.




After the Technique is used, when using the Skill for the first time in the next battle, add Physical Weakness equal to that applied by the Ultimate to the target, lasting for 2 turn.


Bonus Trace


  • When obtaining Pocket Trickshot in Desperate Standoff, regenerates 10 Energy. This effect will also be triggered when obtaining Pocket Trickshot stacks that exceed the max


  • Decreases the DMG of Boothill receives from targets not in Desperate Standoff by 30%.


  • Increase this Boothill' s CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG. The amount increased is equal to 10% / 50% of Break Effect. CRIT Rate / CRIT DMG can be increased by a max of 30% / 150%.





At the start of battle, obtain 1 stack of Pocket Trickshot, allowing Boothill to deal DMG that ignores 16% of enemy target's DEF.



When obtaining Pocket Trickshot in Standoff, recovers 1 Skill Point and increases Break Effect by 30%, lasting for 2 turn. This effect will be triggered when obtaining Pocket Trickshot stacks that exceed the max.



When the enemy target in Desperate Standoff is attacked by Boothill, the DMG they receive increases by 12%. When Boothill is attacked by the enemy target in Desperate Standoff, the effect of receiving more DMG is reduced by 12% on him.



When triggering the Talent's Break DMG, additionally deals Break DMG to the target equal to 40% of the original DMG and deals Break DMG to adjacent targets equal to 65% of the original DMG.


Best Team:




Boothill is the first to Break team of the main DPS, he has the highest adaptability with Ruan Mei. Ruan Mei can increase Boothill's DMG and break toughness faster. When Boothill can't defeat an enemy in one turn, Ruan Mei can also delay the turn of Break state.


Third ally can bring an additional turn to increase Boothill's DMG, such as Bronya and Sparkle, who can increase Boothill's DMG frequency.


When Boothill can move 5 times in a turn when his allies reach 170 SPD, he can defeat enemies in one turn. So the last teammate recommended Silver Wolf, which provides that reduces 2 point toughness and allows Boothill to break faster.


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