FC 24 Future Stars Academy Attack, Defense, Midfield Evolution Player Recommendations


Since the launch of EA FC 24 Future Stars event, a total of 6 player evolutions have been released. Among them, the Future Stars Academy attack, defense, and midfield positions can each choose 2 players for evolution. EA also kindly provides players with three groups of alternative players. The evolved players all have two golden skills (PS+), and they come with full tacit understanding on the field, which is very worth for players to complete the evolution tasks. Many players have not yet decided which players to evolve. Below, let me recommend the most worthwhile players to evolve for each position.


I. Future Stars Academy Attackers

1. Noah Okafor


Recommended index: ★★★★★



Okafor is one of the most recommended players among the Future Stars Academy attackers. He is 185CM tall, with 96 strength and 99 bounce. After evolution, he has 98 acceleration and extreme speed. After adding Finisher chemistry, his shooting and dribbling can be greatly strengthened. With the special skills added by evolution, PowerHeader and 5-star skills and 4-star weak foot ability, whether it is breakthrough shooting or header shooting, it can be comparable to the current top forwards, known as the "Little Mbappe" in the game. But his shortcomings are that his nationality is somewhat unpopular, and he has fewer shooting skills. He does not have the commonly used precise shooting and outside instep shooting, which is a bit of a pity.

2. Athenea del Castillo

Recommended index: ★★★★☆



After Athena's evolution, her speed, shooting, and dribbling ratings are all above 90, and she is upgraded to 5-star skills and 5-star weak foot, combined with her special skills: FIRST TOUCH and TECHNICAL, making her a very excellent winger. Because of her petite figure, her dribbling feel in the game is very flexible, suitable for players who like to do fancy moves. Her shortcomings are that she is short in stature, the added header skill is not very useful, and her strength is low, lacking defensive ability, only suitable for dribbling breakthroughs in non-confrontational situations. If the team already has flexible wingers like Sawa or Best, it is not recommended to choose her for evolution.



II. Future Star Academy Defenders

1. Lutsharel Geertruida

Recommended Index: ★★★★☆


Geertruida can play multiple positions, the most suitable for him is CDM. After evolution, he has an overall speed rating of 87 and a defensive rating of 88, with strength reaching 89 and composure reaching 91. Coupled with his strong physique, a height of 185CM, and three defensive skills, he becomes an insurmountable barrier in the midfield. His shortcomings are the lack of passing and shooting skills, only 3-star weak foot. If you need a pure defensive midfielder, or need to change the formation position in the game, it is recommended to choose him for evolution.


2. Sofie Svava

Recommended Index: ★★★★



After Svava's evolution, her overall speed rating reaches 91. After adding Shadow chemistry, both speeds reach 99, and all defensive abilities also reach 90 points or more, which is quite strong in defense. At the same time, she has good dribbling breakthrough ability and can assist in attack, but due to the lack of crossing and passing skills, compared with left-backs like Davies, her role in the offensive end is still relatively limited. In FC24, excellent left-backs are very scarce. If you lack a transitional left-back, you can consider evolving her for a period of time.


III. Future Star Academy Midfielders

1. Manuel Ugarte

Recommended Index: ★★★★☆


In the game, Mbappe is the starting player for many players. As Mbappe's teammate, Ugarte can provide a tacit understanding for Mbappe. He himself has a good defensive ability, with 3 defensive skills. After adding shadow chemistry, 3 defensive abilities reach 99, and his long pass and short pass values reach 96 and 97 respectively, which can provide passing support for teammates on the offensive end. He is a very excellent defensive midfielder. His shortcomings are average offensive and dribbling abilities, and can only be used as a pure defensive midfielder. It is recommended for players who lack CDM or need to increase the tacit understanding for Mbappe.


2. Thiago Almada

Recommended Index: ★★★★


If you lack an offensive midfielder, then Almada is a good choice. After evolution, he has 4-star skills and 5-star weak foot, and can play multiple positions such as CM, CAM, and CF. He is an excellent offensive organizer. His dribbling ability is very outstanding, he accelerates quickly, has three dribbling skills, 2 passing skills, and 1 shooting skill. He can both dribble and pass, and can shoot when necessary. He can be said to be a versatile player in the frontcourt offense. The only shortcoming is that his body is slightly thin, his confrontation ability is insufficient, and certain operation skills are needed to play his 5-star weak foot advantage.


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