EA FC 24 TOTY Midfielders: A Review of Bellingham, Putellas, and More

EA FC24 Team of the Year (TOTY) Midfielders Review


The EA FC 24 Player of the Year (TOTY) event is still in full swing, and I wonder how many TOTY forwards, midfielders, or TOTY legend players you have got. With the release of TOTY defenders, all the selected players for this year's annual blue have made their appearances. Today, let's take a look at six TOTY midfielders.



1. Bellingham

Recommended Index: ★★★★★



As the new king of Real Madrid, Bellingham has excellent performance and high popularity both in the game and in real matches. The previous two pioneer and monthly best Bellingham cards are also used by many people. This TOTY Bellingham card has maximized the six-dimensional values, except for the overall shooting score of 88, all others are above 90. The shooting data is only lowered by the penalty, and other values are excellent, which can be said to be a perfect "hexagonal warrior". It is recommended to add anchor in chemistry, to increase speed while further strengthening defense and power.


The only regret is that this TOTY Bellingham's skills and weak foot have not been improved.He has 4-star weak foot and 4-star skill moves,  which is the entry level of top midfielders. In terms of playstyle skills, the two golden skills are golden technical and golden power shot, and there are also two practical defensive silver skills hook and slide tackle, which further highlight his B2B positioning, capable of both offense and defense. The shortcomings are that besides the golden powerful shot, there are no other shooting skills, and there is no way to shoot with the outside of the foot outside the penalty area arc. Although the passing value is very high, there is no passing skill. Apart from these, he is still one of the best B2B midfielders in FC 24.


2. Putellas

Recommended Index: ★★★★★




TOTY'women has launched two Barcelona women's football players, which proves the dominant position of Barcelona women's football. Compared with the higher overall Bonmati, the 96 overall Putellas has a higher transfer market price, which reflects the love of players for her. TOTY Putellas has all scores above 90 in speed, passing, and dribbling, except for the overall defense score of 80. If you add a hunter chemistry, the speed and shooting are directly full. Her playerstyle is golden First Touch,golden Finesse Shot skill and silver technical, silver pass. She has 5-star weak foot and 5-star skill moves, giving him the ability to perform every skill move in the game, which make her not only an excellent midfield organizer, but also a shadow killer, is currently one of the best offensive midfielders.


The disadvantage of this TOTY Putellas is that it is not suitable for playing B2B midfield, the defensive awareness is relatively low, and there are no defensive skills, the interception ability is slightly poor, only suitable for midfield organization and frontcourt attack, need to be used with other defensive midfielders.

3. De Bruyne

Recommended Index: ★★★★


Although De Bruyne has a terrifying dominance in the midfield in reality, in the FC24 game, except for the flashback player card at the beginning of this game, the other De Bruyne player cards have always been not popular, mainly because the speed has always been relatively low. The biggest improvement of this TOTY De Bruyne compared to the previous ones is that the speed has been raised to 85. If you add a shadow chemistry to this card, the double speed reaches 94, which can be said to be a qualitative leap. In addition to speed, shooting, passing and dribbling all reach above 90, especially the two golden shooting skills plus silver Trivela, it can be said that the offensive attributes of this TOTY De Bruyne have been maximized. In addition, his three silver passing skills can also ensure the accuracy of his passing in organizing attacks.


Compared with TOTY Putellas, this TOTY De Bruyne is nearly half coins price, mainly because he is also not suitable for playing B2B midfield, and because the model is larger, the dribbling feel is not as smooth as Putellas, but the current price can still reflect that this TOTY De Bruyne is still very popular.


4. Aitana Bonmatí


Recommendation Index: ★★★☆


As one of the golden flowers of Barça, Bonmatí has just won the honor of Miss World Football, which has greatly increased her popularity. It is expected that she will be selected for TOTY‘s women. However, compared to her teammate Putellas, the tranfer markt price of  TOTY Bonmatí  is only two-thirds of Putellas's, mainly because the two are similarly positioned as offensive midfielders. But her disadvantage is greater than Putellas's, she is only 161CM tall and thinner than Putellas, and she also lacks defensive skills, her defensive ability is relatively weak. Most of her special skills are focused on organization and passing, with only one silver curling shot, her offensive ability is average, and her position is relatively single. Compared to the price of more than 3.5 million, the cost performance is not high, and there is a certain premium.


5. Rodri

Recommendation Index: ★★★★☆


As Manchester City's midfield iron gate, Rodri's performance in the defensive midfielder position can be described as first-class. He has also had several Special player card, including the highly-rated Ice Rodri in the recently concluded Ice and Fire event. This TOTY Rodri, after using the chemical anchor, has all his defense and body improved to 98, and his defensive awareness and strength have all reached 99. Coupled with his large model, gold Brulser, silver interception, and high defensive mentality, he can be said to be one of the best defensive midfielders at present. In addition, this TOTY Rodri also has a gold Press Proven and 4 passing skills, which can ensure that he completes the reception and distribution of the ball well in the midfield transmission process.

Although his offensive ability is average and he does not have shooting skills, his 99 shooting power and 95 long shots also allow him to complete high-quality long shots when he has the opportunity to kick off in front of the penalty area. Judging from the current price, he is the most cost-effective of the six TOTY midfielders, and interested players can try it.


6. Oberdorf

Recommendation Index: ★★★



This TOTY Oberdorf is the lowest priced among the annual blue midfielders, even lower than the popular cards of previous events, such as Radioactive player Balverde, UCL TOTGS Belinum, or Ice Player card Rodri, etc. But compared to several popular cards, her positioning is more single, that is, pure defensive midfield, playing in the defensive midfielder position, both of her gold skills are defensive skills, gold Brulser, gold Intercept  and silver  Anticipate, plus 93 defensive awareness and 97 strength, it can be said that in terms of frontal defensive ability, she is actually the strongest among these six midfield cards. The shortcoming is that she has almost no offensive ability, the extreme speed is only 77, even if she add the shadow chemistry , it is just passable. In addition, she is only 174CM tall and her heading ability is average. Players who are used to using Kanté's "small cannon" defensive midfielder can try it. If you draw it, you can also play it on the field, but it is not recommended to buy it for use.

The above is the review of the FC24 TOTY midfielders brought to you by the me, I hope all players can get their favorite players.


TOTY Midfielders Tranfer Market Price 


Here is a table showing all six EA FC 24 TOTY midfielders and their prices in the FC 24 in-game transfer market.


All six FC 24 TOTY midfielders are Belinum and Putriasben, De Bruyne, Bonmati, Rodri, and Oberdorf. Among them, the most expensive are the TOTY player cards of Belinum and Putriasben, and the cheapest is the TOTY player card of Oberdorf.


Midfielders  Player

PS/XBOX Coins Price

PC Coins Price


6 000 000 UT coins

8 300 000 UT coins

De Bruyne

3 000 000 UT coins

5 500 000 UT coins


6 000 000 UT coins

10 100 000 UT coins


4 300 000 UT coins

6 100 000 UT coins


2 500 000 UT coins

3 800 000 UT coins


70 000 UT coins

80 000 UT coins


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