EA FC 24 Road to the Final (RTTF) SBC Player Introduction

After the launch of the EA FC 24 Road to the Final (RTTF) event, two new SBC players were introduced, namely Joshua Kimmich, a midfielder from Bayern Munich, and Lautaro Martínez, a forward from Inter Milan. Below, let's introduce the latest two SBC players.


1. Joshua Kimmich (Joshua Kimmich)



This is Kimmich's first event player card since the launch of FC 24. After its launch, its popularity has continued to rise. Compared to other cards with two PS+ players costing over a million, this Kimmich SBC costs less than 500,000 coins, which is very cost-effective. Moreover, it is a dynamic upgrade card. Bayern Munich has performed strongly this season and is a hot favorite to win the UEFA Champions League. As the UEFA Champions League progresses, this card has great upgrade potential.


In terms of specific values and skills, this RTTF Kimmich card has excellent passing, dribbling, and defensive abilities. Both long and short passes are over 90 points, and it has LONG BALL PASS and PINGED PASS two PS+, which can ensure his passing accuracy and increase the speed of the ball. Although the basic defensive value is not high, it can be greatly improved by adding Shadow chemistry. Coupled with his two defensive skills (PS) and high defensive mentality, his defensive ability is greatly improved. The shortcoming of this card is that his maximum speed is only 76, which must be improved through chemistry. In addition, his height is only 177CM, and his strength is only 70, without a physical advantage in defensive confrontation, defending against tall center forwards may be a bit difficult. Despite this, he is still a top-notch defensive midfielder in FC 24.

Recommended for players who need it or fans of Bayern Munich.

Recommendation index: ★★★★☆

Suitable for pairing with: Harry Kane, Alphonso Davies


II. Lautaro Martínez



Despite many event player cards for Lautaro Martínez being released after the launch of FC 24, the first few cards did not address his speed disadvantage, so they were not very popular. This RTTF Martínez player card has improved in speed and has been given two PS+, giving him a playing chance in the game. Inter Milan is currently ranked first in the Serie A and is a popular team in the UEFA Champions League, but the first round of the knockout stage against Atlético Madrid is a tough match, and there is some uncertainty about whether they can advance smoothly.


Looking at the specific rate and skills, although this card has greatly improved in speed, the sprint speed still does not reach the maximum after adding the Hunter chemistry. Lautaro's shooting value is high, with both attacking position and finishing reaching 95. His dribbling value is also good, with an average of around 90 points, but his passing value is very low, with only 79 for short passes.


As a small forward, he struggles to play the role of carrying the ball and distributing it. In addition, although he has two PS+, they are not highly compatible with forward players, with only one TECHNICAL being practical. There are only 3 ordinary match styles (PS), and both star level and weak foot are only 4 stars. It can be said that EA's upgrade for Lautaro this time is quite conservative, and he is even inferior to many popular evolving players. Unless Inter Milan can make it to the final in the Champions League, or if the team needs Argentine/Serie A chemistry to improve team cooperation, this card is not recommended for production.


Recommendation index: ★★★


Suitable for pairing with: Lionel Messi, Rafael Leão, Theo Hernández


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  • EA FC 24 Road to the Final (RTTF) SBC Player Introduction
    After the launch of the EA FC 24 Road to the Final (RTTF) event, two new SBC players were introduced, namely Joshua Kimmich, a midfielder from Bayern Munich, and Lautaro Martínez, a forward from Inter Milan. Below, let's introduce the latest two SBC players.
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