Comparative Analysis: AUG VS M4 in PUBG Update


Comparing AUG and M4 Stats


The 2.8 update in PUBG Mobile has changed the AUG from a rare airdrop weapon to a more common world spawn weapon, leading to discussions about its effectiveness compared to the popular M416 (M4). This article will examine the stats, performance, and details of both weapons to determine which one is better after the update.


Damage Comparison *

Let's start with a crucial factor: damage. Surprisingly, both the AUG and M4 have the same base damage. Previously, the AUG had a base damage of 43, but it has now been reduced to 41 to match the M4. In terms of raw damage output, it's a tie between the two.



The AUG has a higher rate of fire than the M4, resulting in a 22% difference and a higher damage per second (DPS) of 520 compared to the M4's 426 DPS.


Recoil control is crucial for all weapons, especially in fast-paced combat scenarios. The AUG was known for its excellent recoil control due to its status as an airdrop weapon, but the latest update introduced a recoil nerf for the AUG, resulting in a reduction in vertical and horizontal recoil.


Despite this, the AUG still has 20% less horizontal recoil than the M4, making it more manageable during sustained fire. Although the AUG has 3% higher vertical recoil than the M4, it can still be handled by pulling down on the weapon, making it the superior choice in terms of recoil control.



AUG vs M4: Comparative Performance


hip fire *

The performance of hip fire is often related to the recoil characteristics of a weapon. While more testing may be necessary to confirm this, it is reasonable to assume that the AUG will have better hip fire accuracy due to its improved recoil control. This provides the AUG with a significant advantage over the M4, even if the difference is not substantial.


reloading speed *

Quick reloads are crucial in close-quarters combat, and the M4 excels in this aspect. It reloads one second faster than the AUG, giving players a distinct advantage during intense battles.


bullet velocity *

Bullet velocity determines how fast a bullet travels to its target, impacting long-range engagements. Despite the recent nerf, the AUG still outperforms the M4 in this regard, boasting a bullet velocity of 900 meters/second compared to the M4's 880 meters/second. Although the difference is only 2%, it can be advantageous in specific situations.


final verdict *

The AUG and M4 have the same base damage, but the AUG outperforms in rate of fire, DPS, recoil control (especially horizontal recoil), and bullet velocity. The M4 excels in reloading speed, making it suitable for close-quarters combat. The 2.8 update has made the AUG a dependable world spawn choice, surpassing the M4 in several performance aspects. However, player preference may still lead many to stick with the M4. The AUG is expected to be as scarce as the M24 as a world spawn item, so finding either weapon depends on luck. If you come across the AUG, it's worth trying out its advantages over the M4.


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