Acheron Honkai Star Rail Leaks: Skills, Lightcones, Relics, Ornaments & Teams

Looking to maximize Acheron Star Rail's potential in your gameplay? Delve into the ultimate guide exploring the best build for Acheron Star Rail in Honkai Star Rail version 2.1, covering everything from skills, lightcones, relics, ornaments to team compositions.



Normal Attack:

Performs a single target attack against an enemy. The target of this attack receives 1 Flower. 



Performs a blast attack against the enemies. The primary target of this attack receives 2 Flowers.



Acheron reduces the DMG RES of all enemies during the duration of the ult. All attacks performed during this ultimate will ignore Weakness Types.  Acheron performs 4 distinct actions in quick succession:


Action 1: Execute a 2-hit attack on the enemy with the most flowers, decreasing their flower count by 3, followed by an AOE attack with damage based on the reduced flowers.

Action 2: Execute a 3-hit attack on the enemy with the most flowers, decreasing their flower count by 3, followed by an AOE attack with damage based on the reduced flowers.

Action 3: Execute a 1-hit attack on the enemy with the most flowers, decreasing their flower count by 3, followed by an AOE attack with damage based on the reduced flowers.

Action 4: Execute a 2-hit AOE attack on all enemies.



Acheron starts with 0 flowers. She does not use energy and cannot receive energy. Her actions apply flowers to enemies until a total of 9 are on the field. When an enemy dies, their remaining flowers are transferred to the enemy with the most flowers. At max flowers, she gains the ability to ult.



Acheron activates by creating N* flowers targeting the strongest enemy in combat. The primary focus of Acheron's ability is to enable the rapid accumulation of Flower markers on enemies, allowing for the use of her Ultimate attack. Her main source of damage stems from the versatility of her Ultimate, which can be used multiple times and is effective in single-group scenarios. Overall, she proves to be a formidable primary DPS.


Best Lightcone: In the Name of the World


In the Name of the World


For enemies with negative effects, increase damage by 24% and grant a 24% ATK bonus when using skills. For Acheron's flower mark, it should be a negative mark, so this light cone fits perfectly.


Good Night and Sleep Well


Similar to In the name of the world, enemies facing negative effects can increase their damage. At level1, they can increase their damage bonus by accumulating layers, providing up to 36% damage bonus, and at Light Cone level 5, they can provide up to 72% damage bonus, which is very powerful.


Best Relics: Band of Sizzling Thunder *4




Feet: Speed/ATK


 Best Ornaments: Inert Salsotto



Link: ATK

Sphere: Lightning DMG


Best Teams: Supporting Characters & Survival Position


Based on the Revelations, it can be inferred that Acheron will be the second main carry of nothingness. The Layered exchange for Ultimate mechanism shows that she will play direct damage, and when there are enough flower-mark, she can attack multiple times in a single turn


So high probability requires a character that speeds up a character's action numbers or slows down an enemy's action numbers. Supporting characters such as Bronya, Asta, Welt, Ruan Mei, etc. Due to her unique mechanics, Yukong and Tingyun's skills are not suitable. In addition, the survival position, Luo Cha, Fu Xuan and other roles can be matched with Acheron. The actual team configuration depends on the actual value of Acheron at the end.


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